Published on: Saturday, April 10, 2021 News Alert

Takoma Junction Redevelopment Project: Meeting Info - Monday, April 12

The City Council will hold a special meeting on Monday, April 12, at 6:00 PM, for a presentation on the Takoma Junction Redevelopment Project.

The public may view the meeting:

Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for attendees to participate in *breakout sessions with staff to ask clarifying questions.

*The breakout sessions will also be recorded and available for viewing after the meeting

Carroll Avenue View

Over the next two months, the City’s Takoma Junction Redevelopment Project will be in the final stages of its Montgomery County development review process.

The design of the building and the site plan has changed somewhat since the adopted Resolution 2018-41 of the Takoma Park City Council in July 2018.

The resubmission documents are posted on the Montgomery County Development Activity Information Center:

The revised plans will be considered by the Council during April sessions with a final vote by the Council on May 5. The site plan will then go before the Montgomery County Planning Board for final consideration, likely in late May.

The schedule for the City Council review process is as follows:

  • Monday, April 12:  An overview of the project plans will be presented in a special City Council session on Monday, April 12, followed by small group discussions on key elements.
  • Wednesday, April 14:  The City Council will have a Work Session discussion of the plans.
  • Wednesday, April 28: There will be a formal Public Hearing on the project as part of the City Council meeting, followed by a Council Work Session.
  • Wednesday, May 5: The City Council will vote on a resolution on the project site plan; the resolution of the City Council’s position will then be transmitted to the Montgomery County Planning Board for consideration as it votes on the site plan.

City staff will continue to update the Takoma Junction Project webpage with information about the project as well as establishing a special online portal for comments.