Published on: Thursday, January 21, 2021 City Manager & Staff Blog

Update from Chief DeVaul on the Peaceful Transfer of Power


Takoma Park residents, visitors and business owners, we made it through another peaceful transition of power. This did not come without planning and sacrifices by all of us. I wanted to share an email I sent to police department staff yesterday.


Message sent to TPPD staff on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021:

“I wanted to extend my thanks to all of you, sworn and civilian, who have stepped up over the last few weeks to keep our community safe and secure. We have asked you all to come in on your days off, conduct additional patrols/duties, and perform many additional tasks. Every one of you did this professionally and without complaint. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and have not gone unnoticed.

Due to your efforts, Takoma Park residents, visitors and businesses were safe and secure and our nation was able to have a peaceful transfer of power. No matter what your political affiliation, watching the peaceful transfer of power is something you will never forget. I will never forget as a young officer standing out in the cold for hours on end while working the Inauguration Detail for President Bill Clinton. I remember how proud I was to be part of the peaceful transfer of power. Four Presidents later, I feel the same way.

Don’t underestimate your contributions today and every day. They make a difference! Keep up the great work!


Please take the opportunity to thank our great team. They are well trained, professional, dedicated, caring, and service-oriented. I am proud to lead such a professional team and to be a Takoma Park native and your chief. Our community’s diversity, inclusiveness, caring for others and community service is what holds us together!