Published on: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Arts & Humanities

Virtual Vintage Movie Night With Travelogue Films

Virtual Vintage Movie Night: Travelogue Films 

Take a time-traveling trip around the world without leaving home! Film historian Richard Hall has curated a fun collection of vintage travelogue films dating from 1902 to the 1950s that you can watch on YouTube. Before most people had televisions or passports, travelogue films expanded their horizons to exotic locales and different cultures. Since we can’t travel now, take a trip with us on planes, trains, ships, and automobiles.

Vintage Movie Night is part of the Takoma Park Arts cultural series organized by the City of Takoma Park. You can find more details and sign up for our e-newsletter at Many of our former events are available on our YouTube channel, including concerts, theater and dance performances, art exhibitions, poetry readings, and more. The arts keep us connected even when we’re apart.

 Travelogue Films: 

Paper Prints – 1902 (2 minutes)

The Hawaiian Islands – 1924 (7 minutes)

Chevrolet Leader News – 1930s Travel Homes (3 minutes)

Wheels Across Africa – 1936 (15-minute clip of a 48-minute film)

6 ½ Magic Hours – 1959 Pan Am (13 minutes)

Roads to Romance – 1940s PA Turnpike (3 minutes)

Over Sapphire Seas – 1934 (8 minutes) Panama-Pacific Steamship Company

The Passenger Train – 1940 (10 minutes) ERPI Classroom Film

Introduction to Haiti – 1942 (9 minutes)

The People of Mexico – 1939 (10 minutes) ERPI Classroom Film

Iran – 1953 (14 minutes)

Roads to Romance – 1940s (3 minutes) Coral Gables, Florida

Wonderful World – 1959 (11 minutes Clip) Coca-Cola Company

A Nation-Wide System of Parks – 1939 (16 minutes) Civilian Conservation Corps