Published on: Saturday, April 11, 2020 City Council & Mayor Blog

Be Kind. Be Bold. Resist.


During the health emergency, I have been trying to remember to get outside each day. This week, during a walk around my neighborhood, I noticed the dogwoods coming into bloom.

The dogwood is a personally meaningful flower – it appears very fragile but can withstand harsh conditions. As a symbol of strength and durability, it speaks to the challenges we all overcome in our lives.

Three years ago, I had a dogwood flower and the words, “Be Kind. Be Bold. Resist.” tattooed on my left forearm. It was right after the 2016 Presidential elections, and I wanted a reminder of our collective ability to stand together in the face of challenges. Today, as we face the health crisis, I am again reminded of our need to be kind, be bold, and resist.

Be Kind.

As we enter this fifth week of the crisis, the stress and the uncertainty are mounting. For some in our community, the fears of falling ill or losing loved ones have become a reality. Remember that now, more than ever, we need to treat each other and ourselves with kindness and compassion.

Be Bold.

My resolution for the new decade was to, in the words of Angela Davis, “act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And… do it all the time.”

Right now, that is a difficult task as the uncertainty and enormity of COVID-19 hang over us all. It is hard to think about a time after the crisis. But each day, there are little things we can still do that will radically change our world. Here in Takoma Park, we have so many heroes in our community, stepping up to care and support each other.

From donating food or money to standing outside and cheering our public works department as they pick up trash and recycling, to calling a neighbor or friend to give them support – there are things each of us can do to uplift others and ourselves.

No act is too small.


Resist facing this alone. If you need assistance, please reach out. We have resources on the website, and my blog has listed other ideas. You can also call the City at 301-891-7100.

Like the dogwood flower, we are strong. By treating each other with kindness, by remembering to act boldly, and by resisting the idea that you or your family must face this alone, we will get through this crisis together.