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2022 Mayor and Council Candidates

Candidates for Mayor

  • Seth Grimes (Ward 1)
  • Talisha Searcy (Ward 6 )
  • Jarrett Smith (Ward 5)

Candidates for City Council

Ward 1

  • Shana Fulcher
  • Mark Sherman
  • Elizabeth Wallace

Ward 2

  • Cindy Dyballa

Candidates for City Council (Continued)

Ward 3

  • Mimi Diez
  • Randy Gibson
  • Alexander Hadden

Ward 4

  • Terry Seamens

Ward 5

  • A.J. Campbell
  • Cara Honzak
  • Yared Tebabu

Ward 6

  • Ambroise Agosse
  • Raju Charles
  • Mike Moore
  • Jason Small


Candidate Statements and Filed Forms

2022 Mayor and Council Candidates

CandidatesStatementEmail or WebsiteCampaign Finance Report
Candidates for Mayor

Mayoral Forum
Seth Grimes
Community engagement is my superpower – as a two-term Councilmember, Takoma Park Mobilization co-founder, and advocate for food and housing security for our most vulnerable neighbors, I will deliver the competent, visionary leadership our city needs, now more than ever, expanding on Kate Stewart’s legacy. As mayor, I promise you equity, action, openness, and accountability. Local government is my passion. I co-wrote Takoma Park’s lawncare pesticide ban and 16-year-old voting and helped hire the City’s sustainability manager. I have learned so much from hundreds of conversations with residents and businesses. My priorities for Takoma Park? Enhancing our shared sense of community. Climate Action: Innovative local work is essential in meeting a global challenge. Improving housing, recreation, and public spaces: Investment that builds community. Ensuring open, effective, inclusive city government: Government that respects and responds to residents’ concerns. I ask your vote for Mayor of Takoma Park. Thank you.Website: SethGrimes.orgFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Talisha Searcy
I want to be your mayor because I believe in our community and the value we all bring to growing a vibrant and welcoming city in which to live, work, and play. I have served residents for almost a decade, including as Ward 6 City Councilmember since 2017. I have a proven track record of making a real impact, and I have a vision for how we can advance Takoma Park together. I support smart growth, including sustainable and green solutions, affordable housing with mixed-use spaces, and partnerships with small businesses to build the City’s vibrancy. I support healthy futures, with programs that address behavioral health needs, increase access to social services, and develop our local workforce. I support a City for the people with accelerated development of community resources, including the Library and Recreation Center, as well as inclusive City services and reimagined public safety initiatives.Website: talishasearcy.com First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Jarrett Smith
I am humbled to be able to say that I have served on the Takoma Park City Council representing Ward 5 for ten years. Takoma Park is a great community, and it has been an honor to be given the responsibility to represent the residents of Ward 5. I want to show our great city a new perspective on leadership. I will shortly complete my executive master’s in public administration from the University of Pennsylvania. I moved to D.C. after I graduated from Seattle Prep. I received my bachelor of business administration with a concentration in finance from Howard University in 1993. I am an avid reader, movie enthusiast, and a proud member Kappa Alpha Psi. My wife, Sonya, and I live near Washington Adventist University. My council experience makes me ready to be mayor on day one while my upbringing has trained me for leadership.Website: smithfortakomapark.comFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
City Council Candidates - Ward 1

Ward 1 Forum
Shana Fulcher
My mother and I moved into Montgomery County through the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MDPU) Program. We often visited Takoma Park. Eating on Main Street and browsing shops, we aspired to live here. Once we did, I worked at Mark’s Kitchen while attending Montgomery College. My husband and I bought our first home in Hyattsville. We enjoyed our neighborhood but wanted our children to attend MCPS. We moved to Takoma Park in 2009. My service to our community is mostly through Girl Scouts. I’ve been a troop leader for 10 years and served as service unit manager (SUM) for the last five. As SUM, I gained experience working with people who feel passionate about their community but have disagreements. I proved myself a good listener who can help find compromise. I gained experience engaging and empowering youth. I’m running because I can bring together a more inclusive Takoma Park.Website: shanafulcher.com

Email: fulcher@gmail.com
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Mark Sherman
All over the world, there are problems, from the drought in the West and the erosion of democracy in Guatemala to the melting of the ice caps and the war in Ukraine. An activist all my life – my first trip to Washington was in 1973 to protest the Vietnam War – I care about those things. But I also care about local issues, such as repairing our sidewalks, removing harsh lighting, and expanding our food-waste composting program. That’s why in 2007, I worked to preserve the green space next to the Takoma Metro station – a fight that isn’t over, unfortunately. That’s why I joined with so many others to keep Takoma Junction as a vibrant, attractive, and unpretentious part of town. And that’s why I will continue to advocate for everyone – business owners, homeowners, and renters like myself. Together, we can accomplish a lot – let’s be allies, not enemies.Website: www.markforcitycouncil.org

Email: mark@markforcitycouncil.org
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Elizabeth Wallace
For me, Takoma Park is epitomized by our 4th of July Parade. It festively displays our family-oriented values, simultaneously embracing diversity over the years. Although I moved here in 1994 with my two children, I had attended it for decades with my father, who grew up on Aspen, and his father on Baltimore. Residents have worked hard to protect our values and encourage growth at the same time. We faced many challenges; however, climate change has stepped foot over our horizon. I promise to support actions to protect families, our parks and trees, health, food security, transportation, and homes, finding new ways to ensure affordability. I will use skill sets I honed as the owner of three small businesses to support workforce development and sustainable business investment. Each ward has its own vulnerabilities. Let’s continue to connect our common values to preserve the good, care for all, and be resilient.Website: www.connecttakoma.comFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
City Council Candidates - Ward 2

Wards 2 &4 Forum (These contests are uncontested)
Cindy Dyballa - Incumbent
Since I was first elected, I’ve worked for policies and programs that support the community we all want to live in, one that’s inclusive to all ages, incomes, cultures, and races; affordable for a range of incomes, housing types and lifestyles; and sustainable to the climate, environment, and local economy. I’ve brought many more residents into our civic conversation. I’ve learned to do my homework, listen to all the voices in our diverse ward, and keep an open mind. And we’ve had the challenges of COVID-19 response and now recovery and the opportunities of federal recovery (ARPA) funds to help our most vulnerable. I seek another term because these issues take sustained effort. I want to further implement our housing and economic strategic plan, climate action framework, COVID-19 recovery plan, and public safety reforms, and take steps to balance city services, budget, and revenues. With several council members stepping down, my experience will matter.Website: www.cindy4ward2.comFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
City Council Candidates - Ward 3

Ward 3 Forum
Mimi Diez
I have 19 years’ experience in managing social and environmental sustainability programs for city-like institutions. Advocating for my community is in my DNA, and I’ve dedicated my personal and professional career to bringing people together to solve challenges. With your vote, I intend to collaborate on city issues, such as safety, responsible development, recruiting and retaining local business, innovative budget management, and advancing our culturally vibrant community.Website: www.mimdforward3.comFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Randy Gibson
My career has been devoted to public service beginning with the Peace Corps. I’ve worked for justice and social welfare with a pioneering Fairtrade organization (SERRV), an Illinois-based community and economic development foundation, Salvation Army World Service, International Voluntary Services, AARP, and USDA’s Rural Development and Farm Service agencies. My wife (Julia Jarvis) and I have raised our daughters Jeanne and Lauren on Gude Avenue; they attended TPES through Blair. A longtime civic activist, I’ve supported environmental actions with Climate Action Coffee, within Takoma Park Mobilization. For fun, I walk my dog Phoebe, hike the Appalachian Trail, kayak, and garden. We are at a watershed moment, and our City must respond. By engaging local talent and energy, we can support the health of our ecosystem and economy. Stronger fiscal oversight can meet progressive goals sooner and more sustainably. Now retired, I’ll work for you, listen respectfully, and find common ground.Website: friendsofrandy.orgFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Alexander Hadden
Alex Hadden will represent the issues at the doorstep of Ward 3 residents, while upholding the progressive values of Takoma Park. His resident-driven priorities include livability, sustainability, multijurisdictional coordination and communication, preparing for growth, and improving government as a service. The City’s sustainability efforts should focus on leveraging federal, state and utility incentives to promote clean energy adoption. There are nearly 1,000 condo units being built within walking distance of Ward 3 residents, so the City’s capital investment and planning activities must recognize more traffic, visitors, and commercial activity. Alex is an economic development finance expert who has evaluated, negotiated, and secured approval for billions of dollars in infrastructure financing globally, with an eye to commercial viability, construction and operational risks, and sustainable impact. His career has included evaluating digital infrastructure, transportation, affordable housing, micro and small business lending, energy efficiency and modernization, impact investing and public-private partnerships.Website: alexforward3.comFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
City Council Candidates - Ward 4

Wards 2 &4 Forum (These contests are uncontested)
Terry Seamens - Incumbent
Terry had a 40-year career in IT performing software development, managing software consultants, and selling microcomputers and components. Terry joined the City Council over 20 years ago. He has focused on improving city management and transforming the Police Department to more closely align with Takoma Park’s progressive character. Terry and his wife Joyce work tirelessly for the less fortunate in the community. They volunteer for the Manna Food Center to provide food assistance to those with insufficient resources. Terry is on Adventist Community Services’ Board where Joyce is the director of health and wellness and director of operations for the Piney Branch Pool. Terry Chairs the board of Frontline Community Services, which provides housing and support services to improve the lives of people with disabilities. They are active in local community groups, including the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee.Email: mark@markforcitycouncil.orgFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
City Council Candidates - Ward 5

Ward 5 Forum
A.J. Campbell
As your Councilmember, I will hold community outreach sessions and provide summaries of important meetings. I am sure you will find me utterly unavoidable for comment even on the most hot-button TKPK issues. I am a disabled, queer, single mom, cancer survivor, writer, activist, IEP advocate, and volunteer who has owned and run a business in Takoma Park for 15 years. I hold two master’s degrees in public administration and information systems from George Washington University. I volunteered for years with the Girl Scouts as a leader, with the TP Folk Festival in marketing, with the PTA as a fundraiser, and cooking dinner for a local homeless shelter. I lobbied for the new window guard regulations in Montgomery County after two children fell out of unguarded windows here in Takoma Park. I can work with just about anybody and often do.Website: www.yescampbellcan.com

Email: yescampbellcan@gmail.com
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Cara Honzak
My husband and I have been Ward 5 residents for 20+ years, first as renters and since 2005, as homeowners. Our three children attend MCPS schools (high school, middle and elementary), and our oldest attended the Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School here in our ward. In running for City Council, I am deeply committed to the well-being of my ward neighbors – in all of our multilayered diversity. I seek to listen, learn, and collaborate to build solutions that are win-win across our entire ward and beyond, while doing all in my power to ensure representation of those who are not able to engage directly. I bring to the candidacy my 20+ years of professional experience in participatory community building as an advocate and international health, gender and climate specialist, and my Spanish skills, which I will use to actively connect with a large number of our ward’s residents.Website: www.CaraforTakoma.com

Email: cara@carafortakoma.com
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Yared Tebabu
Hello, I’m Yared Tebabu! I’m running for representative of Ward 5 with the hopes of being a bridge between people and policy, with a focus on open constituent communication and community engagement! What this means is an open-door approach to your concerns and interests; I want to lend an open ear to empower you and by extension Takoma Park. As one of the youngest candidates, I hope I can do my part to ensure our representative government is inclusive of all.Email: Yared4Ward5@gmail.com
First Campaign Financial Report Not Available

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

City Council Candidates - Ward 6

Ward 6 Forum
Ambroise Agosse
Ambroise Agosse earned degrees in geography, history, and environmental science in Benin Republic and worked for Benin’s government forestry agency before coming to the U.S. in 2011. To provide more opportunities in the best environment for his family, he moved to Takoma Park in 2019 with his children, who attend MCPS schools. Ambroise attended Riverland College (Minnesota), Montgomery College, and University of District of Columbia (UDC). After earning master’s in water resources management, he worked at UDC’s Water Resource Institute and Agriculture Research Center. He now owns and operates two Takoma Park-based companies. Ambroise prioritizes the advancement of opportunities for women and children, support for entrepreneurs, personal healthcare, and the health of the local ecosystem. With his education, experience, and awareness of the real, everyday issues that residents face, Ambroise will bring fresh perspectives and problem-solving skills to the council. Help make Takoma-Park stronger, more responsive, and resilient.Email: agosseaforcitycouncil@gmail.com
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)
Raju Charles
• 70 yrs. old
• BA, religious philosophy, Spicer Memorial College, India. Attended Columbia Union College.
• Formally ICU tech and medical assistant at Holy Cross Hospital and University of Maryland.
• Elected Offices/Civic Activities: Member, Free Burma Committee; Takoma Park Master Plan Advisory Group, Amnesty International, CASA Maryland; Deacon Sligo SDA Church, founder and president, India Forum for Liberty and Justice, Public Relations Director, TEACH International, President, KARES.
• Takoma Park resident and community activists 15 years
• Desire to serve my community and bring voice to the voiceless
• I advocate for affordable housing and rent in Takoma Park.
• I stand for community safety especially for our schools and children.
• Continue to keep Takoma Park safe.
• I’m a strong proponent for community policing.
• Recognize and assist families ravaged by COVID-19.
• Small Business: Reduce taxes for small business. Help small business with startup funds where needed.
Email: rajucharles@gmail.com
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report Not Available
Mike Moore
As a 36-year resident of Takoma Park’s Ward 6, a former city councilmember, and longtime president of the Hillwood Manor Community Association, I’m well-versed in the opportunities presented and the challenges faced by our part of town. I’ll focus on constituent service and on soliciting residents’ input on council decisions. But we in Ward 6 also need to engage more fully on city-wide issues than has sometimes been the case. Unless the city can significantly bolster revenues via smart, right-size commercial development, it will be hard to keep escalating property taxes from threatening the ethnic and economic diversity of which we’re rightly so proud. With my history of serving Takoma Park, and my experience as a lawyer, a legal reporter, and an editor of publications on criminal justice issues, I’m eager to help the council successfully navigate the coming years.Website: www.mike4ward6.com
First Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report Not Available
Jason Small
There are a lot of places where people can feel far away from decisions that affect their lives. Municipal government should not be one of them. There are statutes and case law that govern basic things about home rule in Maryland. As a lawyer and policy person who has direct municipal government experience, I know this is true. There are things about being minority and American with a chronic illness that help you see from an open-minded perspective. I also check those boxes. Every ward should feel like their issues matter. I’m fussy enough to get difficult about this fact. I am willing to concede a fair point, however. So, I think this would make me a good candidate.Website: www.jasonsmallforward6.comFirst Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

Second Campaign Financial Report (PDF)

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