City Offices and Facilities Closed Sunday May 26 & May 27- In Observance of Memorial Day

City Offices and Facilities will be closed Sunday, May 26, and Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day. As always, the Takoma Park Police Department is open for emergency services. We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

Library Renovations: Updated: May 14, 2024 -TKPK Celebrates a Major Construction Milestone With a Structural Steel Topping-off Ceremony on May 21 from 3-3:30 pm

The scheduling of demolition and construction timelines are pending weather.

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Information for Candidates (2022)

The next city election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, to elect a mayor and all six councilmembers. Consider leading and serving your community by running for office!

The election will be conducted by mail.

Requirements for Candidacy

To have your name placed on the ballot for the 2022 election, you must be nominated at the Nominating Caucus.

Any resident interested in running for the position of mayor or city councilmember must meet certain qualifications. If you are thinking about running for city office, you must be:

  • a registered Maryland voter and a resident of the City of Takoma Park, Maryland;
  • at least 18 years of age by the date of the election; and
  • a resident of the City of Takoma Park for at least six months immediately preceding the election. If running to represent a ward as a city councilmember, you must be a resident of that ward for at least six months immediately preceding the election.

How to Get Your Name on the November City Election Ballot – Nominating Caucus on Tuesday, September 13, 7:30 p.m.

The Nominating Caucus is a meeting of Takoma Park voters to accept nominations for the office of mayor and city councilmember.

Nominations of candidates for Mayor may be made on motion by any qualified voter of the City, and if such nomination is seconded by a qualified voter of the City, the person so nominated shall be considered a candidate.

Nomination of each candidate for Councilmember shall be made on motion of any qualified voter of their ward, and if such nomination is seconded by a qualified voter of their ward, the person so nominated shall be considered a candidate. A candidate may nominate themselves or second their nomination, but not both. Any nominated candidate may decline a nomination during the nomination meeting. A person may only accept nomination for one office.

The name of each person nominated will be placed on the ballot for the November 8 city election unless: 1) the person declines the nomination in writing to the City Clerk within three days; or, 2) if the nominee fails to file a timely candidate’s financial disclosure statement as required by the City of Takoma Park Public Ethics Ordinance.

Campaign Finance Registration

Before soliciting any contributions or making expenditures for your campaign, register with the City Clerk.  The campaign finance registration form will ask you to provide your name, address, date of birth, contact information, and the name of the position you seek. Candidate registration for the 2022 election begins on June 13.

There is not a requirement to register before the Nominating Caucus unless you are accepting contributions or making campaign expenditures.

On the campaign finance registration form, you will also be asked to certify that you will comply with all requirements of the Takoma Park Charter and Code applicable to the election process in Takoma Park, including Chapter 5.12 Fair Election Practices and Chapter 3.04 Ethics, and that you will file all required campaign finance reports and financial disclosure requirements for candidates.

Contact the City Clerk at or 301-891-7267 for additional information about running for office.

Write-In Candidates for the Election

Any person who wishes to register as a write-in candidate must meet the qualifications of the office  they seek and must file the required candidate forms. A person whose name appears on the ballot may not register as a write-in candidate, and a person may only register as a write-in candidate for one office in any election.

Salary and Benefits of Mayor and Councilmembers

Beginning with the City Council elected in November 2022, the mayor will receive an annual salary of $32,000. Each city councilmember will receive a salary of $24,000 per year.

Elected officials are eligible to receive health insurance benefits equivalent to those of full-time City employees.

Other benefits include use of a City of Takoma Park smartphone for City email and phone calls during the term in office; opportunity to attend, without cost, conferences beneficial to the City through organizations such as the National League of Cities and the Maryland Municipal League (MML); and reimbursement of certain other expenses, such as for travel.

Candidate Information Package (Forms and Links)
Update: Sept. 10, 2022

Complete Election Calendar (PDF) (with important filing dates for candidates – revised 10/6/2022)

Takoma Park has a Council-Manager form of government. Resources for Residents Considering Running for Office in Takoma Park:

Campaign Finance Registration Form

Campaign Bank Accounts

  • To open a campaign bank account, you may need a letter from the City Clerk indicating that you are a candidate. If so, contact the City Clerk to request a letter.

Candidate Profile Form (PDF)

Campaign Finance Report Form – For each report filed, include a cover sheet and the appropriate schedules.

Financial Disclosure Statement and Conflict of Interest Form (PDF) (16 pages – Complete Form)

  • Additional Schedule A (if needed)
  • Additional Schedule B (if needed)
  • Additional Schedule C if needed)
  • Additional Schedule D (if needed)
  • Additional Schedule E (if needed)
  • Additional Schedule F (if needed)

Instructions for Candidate Statement and Photo for City Newsletter (PDF)

Requesting Voter Information

  • Information available from the Takoma Park City Clerk (request form (PDF))
    • Recent list of Takoma Park voters registered with the State of Maryland
    • Current List of Takoma Park-Only Voters (voters who have completed a City of Takoma Park voter registration form to vote in City elections only)

Write-In Candidate Registration Form

Links to Other Information:

The City Charter and Code are important resources for candidates. See particularly:
City Charter
– Printable PDF
Takoma Park Code, Title 2, Administration
– Printable PDF
Takoma Park Code, Title 3, Ethics
– Printable PDF
Takoma Park Code, Title 5, Elections
– Printable PDF
Takoma Park Code, Title 11, Streets
Section 11.04.060 Placement of Signs and Advertisements

Results of Past Elections

Challenger and Watcher Certification

Candidates’ Access to Multi-unit Buildings

After providing notice to landlords and tenants, qualified candidates and their volunteers are permitted to enter apartment buildings to campaign for office or register voters. Access is limited to buildings in a candidate’s ward if running for City Council. A candidate for Mayor may access buildings in any ward.

Candidates in the City Election become eligible for access 90 days before an election. Candidates must have filed a campaign finance registration or been nominated at the Nomination Caucus.

Tenants are not required to open their doors to candidates. Tenants in a building may place a notice on their door to indicate that canvassing is not welcome.

Review the City Code, Chapter 6.04, Section 6.04.040 Access to multi-unit residential facilities

Notice of Campaign Activity

City Election – November 5, 2024 Sections