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Nominating Caucus - 2022

Nominations for Mayor and City Councilmember are Now Closed. Nominating Caucus Results

View the Caucus of September 13.

The following candidates were nominated at the caucus on September 13:


  • Seth Grimes
  • Talisha Searcy
  • Jarrett Smith

City Council Ward 1

  • Shana Fulcher
  • Mark Sherman
  • Elizabeth F. Wallace

City Council Ward 2

  • Cindy Dyballa
  • Robert Goo (has declined nomination)

City Council Ward 3

  • Mimi Diez
  • Randy Gibson
  • Alexander Hadden

City Council Ward 4

  • Terry Seamens

City Council Ward 5

  • A. J. Campbell
  • Cara Honzak
  • Yared Tebabu

City Council Ward 6

  • Ambroise Agosse
  • Raju Charles
  • Mike Moore
  • Jason Small

A nominated candidate may decline a nomination during the Nominating Caucus. A person may only accept a nomination for one City office. The name of each person nominated for the office of Mayor and City Councilmember will be placed upon the official ballot for the November 8, 2022 City Election unless the person does not meet the qualifications for office or files a declination with the City Clerk by 5:00 PM on Friday, September 16.



Nominating Caucus Meeting – Wrap-up

September 13, 2022


View video of prior nomination meetings:

Other Related Information

Residents interested in running for office should review the candidate information page. The page includes forms and complete information for candidates.


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