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Serving as an Election Worker

Join Us as an Election Worker in November 2020

Application to serve as an election worker. More information will be available soon. 

The Takoma Park Board of Elections is looking for people to assist with city elections. You don’t need any experience; just an interest in serving your community. The work is not complicated and you get to meet neighbors and friends while giving back to your community.

A Takoma Park election worker is a registered Maryland or Takoma Park voter who assists voters during Election Day or early voting. Election workers help to ensure fair and accessible elections for all voters and to protect the integrity of the election process.

As an election worker, you are a very important part of the electoral process. You will serve as a point of contact between the Board of Elections and the general public during voting hours. You will work with a team administering the voting procedures and helping voters to have a positive voting experience.


You must:

• Be a registered voter in Maryland or Takoma Park.

• Not be a candidate in the city election nor working with a campaign for or against a candidate or question in the city election.

• Be able to work the hours required for the position selected.

• Complete a three-hour election worker training session.

• Deal courteously and patiently with the public and coworkers.

• Be available for a meeting prior to the election and for agreed-upon hours and days during early voting periods and/or on Election Day.

Election Worker Training – Updated 10/28/2020

Three-hour training sessions will be scheduled in 2020.

Do You Want to Earn SSL Hours as an Election Volunteer?

Youth ages 14 and up may serve as election volunteers and earn SSL hours.

Online Student Election Volunteer Application (the link will be posted when available).




Other Important Information
  • Election workers are paid for their service.
  • Bilingual workers are especially needed.
  • Election Day workers may work the full day or half a day.