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Make a Difference - Plant a Tree: Good Incentives through October 11, 2019


Deadline: Trees can be ordered through October 11, 2019.

The fall season is a good time to plant trees. Takoma Park residents can help replenish the aging tree canopy and take advantage of some really good incentives.

  • The City will contribute $100 towards the first tree purchased.
  • Residents can have a 2″ diameter tree installed by the City’s landscape contractor for $95 plus 6% sales tax, for a total of $100.70.
  • Additional trees will cost $195 plus 6% sales tax.
  • The trees are warrantied for one year.
  • The $100 discount is NOT AVAILABLE for a tree required by a tree removal permit replanting agreement.
  • Residents can select a tree(s) from the following seven tree species:
    • Swamp White Oak,
    • Princeton Elm,
    • Bald Cypress,
    • Black Gum,
    • American Linden,
    • Sycamore
    • River Birch

A limited number of grants are available for low-to-moderate-income homeowners.

Tip on planting trees:

In selecting a tree planting location, make sure to keep in mind the eventual size of the tree and pay attention to underground/overhead utilities, building foundations, and walkways/sidewalks.

Use Tree Location Guidelines:

Use the Right Tree Right Place principle for tree location selection:  See Guidelines

After your order has been received, the City’s Urban Forest Manager will notify you of the planting date/time.

Order Form

Please include a completed form (print form here), with a check made payable to:  City of Takoma Park, for the number of trees selected, plus tax = Total Order

Mail or drop off to:

Urban Forest Manager,
31 Oswego Ave.,
Silver Spring, MD, 20910.

Deadline close of business October 11.