Published on: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 News

Request For Proposal: 100% renewable energy in an opt -in basis

The City of Takoma Park (“City”) invites qualified firms to submit proposals to supply the City’s residents, staff, and businesses with 100% renewable energy in an opt-in basis. A contract will be awarded to one or more highly qualified and experienced firm(s) with a strong record of supplying renewable energy for both residential and commercial accounts in the Pepco service territory. Takoma Park will publicize and actively promote the chosen supplier(s) to residents and business.

The City wishes to help residents and businesses switch to 100% renewable energy in an easy, convenient way. The current number of companies offering consumers renewable energy is large, and navigating contract terms, pricing in an unfamiliar market, and overcoming worries about fraud can be difficult barriers for consumers to overcome. By conducting research on rates, business reliability, and contract terms through this RFP, the City will make it easier for people to switch to 100% renewable power with confidence with the selected company(s).

Takoma Park has a deep commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions city wide. The city has long purchased 100% wind electricity through renewable energy credits for its own operations. In 2014 the City adopted a Sustainable Energy Action Plan with seventeen key strategies to reduce emissions. In 2016 the Mayor signed the Global Covenant of Mayors, and in 2017 pledged to uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.  The City reports the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annually, and is actively seeking new opportunities to reduce emissions and improve sustainability city-wide

In 2017 Takoma Park won 3rd place in the national Georgetown University Energy Prize competition for reducing energy use. Over 20% of homes in Takoma Park participated in a yearlong Neighborhood Energy Challenge in support of the competition, with over 170 homes earning a Green Home Certification, showing enthusiastic support for energy efficiency.

All electricity accounts in Takoma Park are served by Pepco. In 2015 36,859,651 kWh was consumed by residential accounts, and 55,834,236 kWh was consumed by commercial accounts.