Published on: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 City Council & Mayor Blog

The City of Takoma Park Declares a Climate Emergency!

The City of Takoma Park joins other communities across the US and the world to declare that we are now in a climate related emergency that threatens our community and way of life.



The City of Takoma Park recognizes that the current rate of climate change of just one degree Celsius warming globally has triggered cataclysmic changes to our planet. In 2018, Takoma Park and the entire Washington DC region experienced the wettest year on record, with record rainfall, flooding and resulting stormwater issues. Trends for the region indicate that we can expect more severe weather events more often, continued increases in annual rainfall, and more frequent and prolonged stretches of extreme heat. These changes inflict substantial and often catastrophic damage to our physical, social, and economic well-being. Maryland is especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Across our region, our nation and our planet, communities are facing the impacts, which most strongly affect the most vulnerable among us.

Why did the City Council decide to declare a Climate Emergency at the local level, to address such a global issue?

  • Because it mobilizes action and builds public awareness that we are in an emergency state with devastating consequences for inaction.
  • It also serves as a public statement that our City will pursue necessary local steps to address this global challenge as soon as possible.
  • It signals that we are willing to do our part.
  • The City can serve as a leader and inspire others to do the same.



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