Published on: Friday, September 9, 2022 Takoma Park Newsletter

Get to Know Our Bootcamp Instructor: Q&A with Jeremy Sherron


The Takoma Park Recreation Center would like to spotlight one of our newest instructors, Jeremy Sherron. Jeremy teaches bootcamp classes at the Takoma Park Recreation Center on Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 6:30–7:30 p.m. Jeremy showcased his skills and led a free demonstration at our annual Fitness Expo this past April. During the Expo, you could easily see Jeremy’s passion for fitness. This Summer 2022 season was his first time teaching with Takoma Park Recreation, and he is looking forward to having more successful classes in the future. Please read a little more about Jeremy or stop by the Recreation Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to meet him in person.

Q: Tell us about your background. Where did you get your interest in fitness?
A: I am the director and manager of Everest Wellness. With a degree in health care management from New York University, I have years of experience in corporate wellness and fitness. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School, and spent the next 12 years working as a lab technician while taking classes and studying. Following graduation, I was the wellness coordinator for St. Dominic’s Home for students with physical disabilities in Rockland County and then wellness coordinator and manager of Senior Centers for Catholic Charities in Brooklyn and
Queens. I traveled extensively meeting with companies and conducting wellness fairs. I started my own company, Everest Wellness, to bring wellness engagement to frontline workers. The goal is to attain a work/life balance, become physically fit, and promote good mental health. In 2017, I moved my family to Silver Spring, Maryland, and continued with my company as well as consulting on wellness for Volkswagen and Verizon.

Q: Why do you think it is important for people to work out, especially during this pandemic?
A: Working out and healthy living, as we know, is essential for a healthy lifestyle. As for me, healthy living makes me happy and keeps my mood high, which has been so beneficial through the last few years.

Q: What do you hope people will take away from your class?
A: I hope people will come away with not just physical improvement but also a mental and spiritual lift after they have completed one of my classes. If nothing else, I wish they receive a sense of belonging and meet their need for social interaction.

Q: How do you know when you’ve had a successful class?
A: I know my class is successful when I see people sweating at the end of every class. A good indicator that participants are enjoying the class is when I see them keep coming back and registering for
more sessions.

Q: What other hobbies or interests do you have besides fitness?
A: Outside of fitness, I have a passion for music; I am an accomplished pianist.

Q: What should students bring with them to your bootcamp class?
A: Students should bring hand weights, an exercise mat, a water bottle, and a positive attitude.

Jeremy will be teaching Bootcamp classes throughout the year. Log into ActiveNet to register or stop by the Recreation Center and our staff would be happy to assist you with registration. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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