Published on: Friday, May 1, 2015 Takoma Park Newsletter

iCan Shine gives the gift of bicycling

The City of Takoma Park Safe Routes to School Program brings iCan Shine Bike Camp to Takoma Park, from July 6-10 at Takoma Academy, 8120 Carroll Ave.

iCan Shine is a non-profit organization that teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle through its iCan Bike program. This five-day camp requires riders to attend one 75-minute session per day.

iCan Shine uses adapted equipment, trained professionals and volunteer spotters. With 75 minutes of instruction over five days, more than 80 percent of riders learn to ride a conventional bicycle independently by the end of camp.

Spaces are available for riders ages 8 to 14 years old. To be eligible to enroll, riders must have an intellectual or physical disability, be able to walk without an assistive device such as a walker or cane, be able to side-step quickly to both sides, must have a minimum inseam measurement of 20 inches and weigh no more than 220 pounds. Riders must wear their own bike helmet and must have an appropriate personal bike available for the iCan Bike program by no later than Thursday (Day Four) of the program. The goal is to transition all riders to their own bikes towards the latter part of the week.

Two volunteer “spotters” are needed per rider. Spotters work with the same rider for each of the five days and experience the thrill of giving the gift of riding a bike! Volunteers must be at least 16 years old (unless accompanied by an adult); be able to attend 90 minutes at the same time each of the five days of camp (15 minutes of training/daily debriefing, 75 minute session); be able to provide physical, emotional and motivational support to the assigned rider and be able and willing to get some exercise (light jogging/running) for a great cause!

This iCan Shine Bike Camp is free. Spaces are still available.

To register for the camp or sign on to volunteer, contact Lucy Neher,

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