Published on: Monday, January 24, 2022 Takoma Park Newsletter

Staff Spotlight: Five Questions for Ira Kowler, Economic Development Manager


Ira Kowler, Economic Development Manager

Before joining the staff of the City of Takoma Park, Ira Kowler was Geographic Team Director at the City of Baltimore Development Corporation. What brings him to Takoma Park? He’s “excited by the opportunity to work in local government at a smaller scale, where you can make a greater day-to-day impact.” For him, community means “all the people who impact the quality of your life, whether you know them or not.” Here is Ira’s take on our five questions for new staff members.

  1. Favorite Place/Activity in Takoma Park: With two farmer’s markets, you can get (almost) all your shopping done without the grocery store.
  2. Best Thing about Working in Takoma Park: How easy it is to get around the community without my car
  3. What’s on Your Desk Right Now: A cup of coffee, the Housing & Economic Development Strategic Plan, a Ward Map, and a whole bunch of sticky notes
  4. What You Do in Your “Spare Time”: I’m a big soccer fan, so most weekend mornings, you can find me watching an Arsenal game, trying not to wake anyone up!
  5. Best Advice You Ever Got (and from who): “Whenever you cook bacon, always make an extra strip” — My wife
Fun Facts

Most Played Song on His Playlist: Take a Chance on Me by ABBA

How He Takes His Coffee: Shot of espresso before I leave the house, black coffee at the office

One Thing He Wants Residents to Know About Him: My cats have names that are paw-sitively purrfect cat-puns. Can you guess them?


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