Published on: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 Takoma Park Newsletter

SummerQuest Begins!


Starting June 13, the SummerQuest reading program kicks off! SummerQuest is an interactive reading game for all ages from read-to-me to adulthood. Players can pick up a character and game board from the front desk staff. To move through the story, you read a different kind of book for each section of the game board (adventure, poetry, different cultures, etc.).

This summer’s theme is Modern Mythology. In ancient days, people told stories of powerful beings in control of natural forces. Zeus and Thor were said to be the lords of Thunder; Poseidon was in charge of the Sea; Loki the master of Trickery and Magic. But what beings might be in charge of modern forces? Satellites and advertising and traffic may have incarnations that assist or trouble us. Find them!


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