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Apply to Serve on the Parking Management Task Force

The Parking Management Task Force is a short term task force  appointed by the City Council review parking management in the City, consider policy proposals for parking management, engage community participation in identifying problems and considering policy proposals, and provide advice to the City Council on possible next steps.

City staff will present the Task Force with the data and research on parking management, as well as staff’s suggestions for consideration by the Task Force. Guiding questions for the work of the Task Force will include:

  • How should uses of on-street space be prioritized?
  • What are the City’s objectives for the City’s right-of-way network?
  • How well does the City’s current parking program manage the following:
    • parking meter demand, turn-over and rates?
    • commercial demand for employees and customers?
    • on-street parking space and Residential Parking Permit zones?
    • handicap parking needs?
    • parking enforcement?
  • What are the equity issues in the current parking program?
  • How can parking be managed to address the City’s concerns about climate change and sustainability?

The City Council will appoint approximately 10 individuals to serve on the Task Force: one member selected by each Councilmember and the Mayor, and possibly representatives from the business community, the accessibility advocacy community, and from relevant City committees such as the Committee on the Environment and the Complete Safe Streets Committee. Appointees will include residents of both single-family houses and multi-family units.

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To apply:

The deadline for applications has been extended until the Task Force is full.