Published on: Thursday, November 16, 2023 News

Message from Code Enforcement: Let It Snow!


Although we can’t say for sure, forecasts for our area are saying there is a good chance for some snow this year. With the potential for snow comes an opportunity for residents and business owners to show what good neighbors they can be. When it snows, we need to remove snow and ice from sidewalks so neighbors, children, and customers can travel safely. When sidewalks aren’t clear, people have to walk in the street or try to navigate dangerous patches of ice, so please be considerate of neighbors and the community and keep your sidewalks clear.

Would you be willing to help out your neighbor?
If your neighbor needs assistance clearing off their sidewalk, offer to give them a hand after you clear yours.


The City has regulations regarding snow removal.

  • Residents have until 12:00 noon on the day after a night in which it has fallen and accumulated or until 9:00 PM on the day in which it has fallen or accumulated.
  • Commercial establishments must keep their sidewalks clear between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The full width of your sidewalk must be clear unless full-width clearing is not feasible, in which case, at a minimum, a continuous three-foot-wide path of the paved sidewalk must be cleared.
  • Lastly, to protect our sidewalks and trees, the use of *rock salt is strictly prohibited on sidewalks or within 10 feet of trees.


*11.20.060 Manner of removal—Use of salt.

A. No person shall use rock salt on any public sidewalk.

B. No person shall dump, pour or spill salt or salt water or other deleterious matter upon any tree or tree space in any public place, or keep or maintain within 10 feet of any such tree or tree space any receptacle from which salt water leaks or drips, or dump, pour or spill salt or salt water into any parking or unconcreted gutter so as to injure any tree or grass occupying public space.