Published on: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Public Notices

Notice of Proposed Regulation - Outdoor Cafes in the Right-of-Way

Notice of Proposed Administrative Regulation for the Implementation and Enforcement of Takoma Park Code, Chapter 8.16, Sale of Food and Drink, Section 8.16.090 Outdoor Cafes on Public Sidewalks

An Administrative Regulation is being proposed for the implementation and enforcement of Chapter 8.16, Section 8.16.090 Outdoor Cafes on Public Sidewalks (see Ordinance 2018-8). The regulation addresses permit modifications, renewal and revocation procedures, application fees, annual permit fees, calculation of annual fee increases, right-of-way lease terms and conditions, insurance and indemnification requirements, City approval of alcohol sales, City- imposed limitations on the hours, additional permit criteria and standards, and prohibited activities.

Pursuant to the requirements of the “Administrative Regulations Ordinance” (Authority: Chapter 2.12 “Administrative Regulations,” of the Takoma Park Code), notice of the City’s intention to adopt an administrative regulation must be publicly noted, allowing for the opportunity to comment on the proposal.

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Ordinance 2018-8 Amending the City Code Chapter 8.16, Sale of Food and Drink, to Allow for Outdoor Cafe Seating in the Public Right-of-Way

To obtain further information about the proposed regulation, contact Sara Anne Daines, Director, Housing and Community Development Department, 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301-891-7224,