Published on: Wednesday, April 19, 2023 News

UPDATE: Library and Community Center Redevelopment Project


April 19, 2023 

Update on the Construction Schedule for the Library and Community Center Redevelopment Project


Work accomplished to date: 
The Library and Computer Center Redevelopment Project is underway, with most of the work to date occurring inside and on the existing facilities.

The work completed includes:

  • the removal and storage of solar panels,
  • the disconnection of gas and water utilities at the construction site,
  • and interior demolition,
  • The mosaic has been carefully removed and stored to ensure its preservation until it can be reinstalled on the new building’s façade.

Additionally, the Library and Computer Center have been relocated off-site to provide continuity of services throughout the construction process.

Please visit us at 7505 New Hampshire Avenue, Suites 201-208, for Library books, programs, computers, and more.


The groundbreaking that will precede exterior demolition has been delayed as a result of a backlog within the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, and it is not indicative of any issues or problems with the plans that have been submitted. The City is doing everything it can to move this process forward.

Once the general building permit is issued, all other permits will go into effect. This is the final piece of the permitting process, and things are expected to move much more quickly once this hurdle has been overcome.


Fencing will be expanded around the perimeter of the project beginning April 27th. There will be no additional impact on parking. The additional fencing will assist in achieving two objectives: procurement may be expedited with the added space to store building materials, and it will save costs since off-site storage is significantly more expensive.


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