Published on: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 News

Code Enforcement Presents: Zero Waste Talk with Author Stephanie Miller-October 5 at 7:00PM


Progress, not Perfection: How Do Busy People Achieve a Lighter Footprint?

What actions could you take today that would help solve the climate and waste crises? In this talk, former World Bank Group Climate Director Stephanie Miller will cover the easy steps that busy people can take to reduce their carbon and waste footprint and live more sustainably. Drawing on the messages in her book, Zero Waste Living, the 80/20 Way, she will discuss actions that fall within what she calls the “magic three”: focus on food, purge plastics and recycle right. You will leave the conversation feeling empowered to take action today and help others around you do the same.

Event Details:

  • Date- October 5
  • Time- 7 pm
  • Location- Takoma Park Community Center,  Auditorium



Stephanie Miller is the former Director of the Climate Business Department at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. She is the author of Zero Waste Living, the 80/20 Way: The Busy Person’s Guide to a Lighter Footprint, and is passionate about helping busy people understand the profound difference they can make on the climate and waste crises through their individual actions. She reaches a wide audience through keynote presentations, learning events and household consultations.