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Saturday Afternoon Winter Storm Update from the City Manager

Photo of City Manager Suzanne Ludlow
Suzanne Ludlow, City Manager

From Suzanne Ludlow, City Manager of Takoma Park

Saturday, January 23, 2016, 2:00 PM

Dear Residents,

I just got an update from our public works and police staff.

A tree on Poplar Avenue fell and took out power lines and caused some of the power outages in the area. Both Public Works crews and Pepco responded and I understand the power is being restored.  Power outages affected about 1200 households, including the Victory Tower senior building on Carroll, as well as the traffic signals at Maple and Philadelphia and New Hampshire Avenue and Sligo Creek Parkway.

If you are affected by a power outage, please report it to Pepco by calling 1-877-737-2662, visiting their website or by using the Pepco app. If you see a hazardous situation, please contact the Police Department at 301-270-1100. Medical or fire emergencies should be reported to 911.

Another band of snow is on its way for the afternoon, so the storm is not over. It should finally dissipate this evening.

While it is still light, please check on any vulnerable neighbors, especially if there are power outages in your area.

The Police Department has reported no significant problems. Both our Police officers and Public Works crews are reported to be in good spirits.

Public Works has been working to clear one lane on most roads and was able to get to blacktop on many roads. The new snow band will take care of that, but we are making progress. Overnight, the crews will continue to do clearing and widening of the travel lanes. Please continue to stay off the roads while clearing efforts are underway.

As the roads continue to be cleared tomorrow, crews will work to clear the roads from curb to curb. This means many adjacent sidewalks and corner ramps will be covered with snow. It will take a lot of effort by our crews and residents together to clear the sidewalks, bus stops, fire hydrants, etc. I ask everyone to try not to get too frustrated, and, if you are able, to pitch in on the cleanup efforts, even if it’s just to give some cookies and hot beverages to your neighbors working outside.

Finally, thanks to some of you who have passed on nice words of encouragement to our City staff. We’re happy to serve, but it’s really great to hear from you!

We’ll get back to normal pretty soon!

Suzanne Ludlow
City Manager
Phone: 301-891-7229

Downed Tree or Wires?

If there is a downed tree, wires down, or other hazardous situation, call the Takoma Park Police Department.