Rental Housing

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There are over licensed 3,500 licensed rental units in Takoma Park — roughly one half of the households in the community rent. As such, the City proactively works with landlords and tenants to protect the rights of both, promoting the preservation and development of quality, affordable rental housing.

The Housing and Community Development Department is responsible for monitoring Takoma Park’s rental housing stock and ensuring compliance with the City’s landlord tenant laws.

Conflicts or misunderstandings can sometimes occur in a landlord-tenant relationship and the Division of Landlord-Tenant Affairs is available to advise both parties of their respective rights and responsibilities.

The Code Enforcement Division coordinates the licensing of all residential rental units including single-family houses, condominiums, multi-family facilities, and accessory apartments. Operating a rental facility without a current rental license is a violation of the law.

To learn more, explore the links above or contact Housing and Community Development at:

Phone: 301-891-7119