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Boards & Committees

City Boards and Committees

APPLY (link to application)

Except for the Youth Council, the next appointments to boards and committees will take place in January. Interested residents may apply now for January appointments.

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate – Please note that there is a vaccination mandate for all City staff and volunteers. If you are appointed to serve, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Department regarding the requirement. All committee meetings include a remote option. If you cannot comply with the vaccination requirement, you will still be able to participate, but only remotely.


Arts & Humanities Committee:
Focuses on matters relating to the arts and encourages the appreciation and participation of City residents in the arts and humanities. Learn more

Emergency Preparedness Committee:
Assists in City planning and preparations for emergency operations and engages residents in how to plan, prepare, and recover from emergencies. Learn more

Grants Review Committee:
Reviews and recommends grant applications for the Community “Quality of Life” Grants awarded annually to nonprofits and business associations that serve City residents by providing greater access and opportunities for participation in the arts and sciences. Learn more

Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee:
The Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee focuses on education and advocacy related to Takoma Park’s Nuclear Free Zone Act. Learn more

Sustainable Maryland Committee (Green Team):
Supports City efforts to achieve Sustainable Maryland certification, which in turn helps the City Council to meet its environmental goals and priorities. Learn more

Recreation and Community Engagement Committee:
Concentrates on serving the varied recreation needs of our residents, emphasizing youth, seniors, and diverse resident backgrounds, on uses of City facilities, and on a wider range of related community needs such as health, leisure, education, enrichment programs. Learn more

Youth Council:
Gives our youth (grades 7-12) a way to learn about local government through active participation in the system and helps the City Council address problems and goals of youth in our community. Learn more 

  • The Youth Council application form has been closed.
City Boards

City Boards and Commissions have specific regulatory or quasi-judicial responsibilities in an area of City law.

Board of Elections:
Plans and conducts all our City elections in coordination with the City Clerk. The Board also does voter education and outreach in our community and reviews City election laws and procedures after an election to recommend changes as needed. Learn more

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA):
Represents the interest of tenants and landlords and hears cases in matters affecting rental housing in Takoma Park. Learn more

Ethics Commission:
Certifies compliance with state and city ethics requirements hears complaints on potential City ethics violations and advises on how the City ethics law applies to covered individuals. Learn more

Tree Commission:
Hears appeals of City tree permit decisions in keeping with the City’s goal to preserve, protect and promote our community’s urban forest. Learn more

Task Forces

Task Force on Sustainable Banking and Investments (work completed). Learn more

City Boards and Committees Not Accepting Applications

Noise Control Board:
Hears two-party complaints under the City Noise Ordinance and advises on noise control issues. Learn more

Opportunity to Serve*

We welcome residents with all different types of experience and knowledge and seek diverse members to represent our community. Your experience living in Takoma Park and interacting with our community on a daily basis and/or working in your chosen profession can give you what you need to be a part of a board or committee.

City boards and committees are appointed by and report to the City Council and focus on a particular priority area. These groups can:

  • Leverage residents’ technical expertise and lived experiences to inform City policies and programs;
  • Provide tangible recommendations or help fulfill City regulatory functions;
  • Ensure that the Council has regular and timely information to use when needed; and
  • Create an opportunity to engage residents on issues that are important to them, as well as assist in community education and outreach.

*Feel free to sit in on a meeting in August or September to see if it is a good fit for your interests and skills.


Board and committee members will receive $40 for each meeting attended. Youth member in school may receive SSL hours instead of the stipend.

Orientation and Training

After the appointment, all board and committee members will attend an orientation and training session.

Code of Conduct

The City Council has adopted a Code of Conduct to be followed by all committee members.

How to Apply

To apply for an appointment, complete and submit an application: Application for City Committee 


Individuals with disabilities are welcome to apply. If you need an accommodation, please contact Jessie ­­­­Carpenter, City Clerk, at 301-891-7267 or jessiec@takomaparkmd.gov.

Open Meetings

All meetings of the City Council and Council-appointed boards, committees, commissions, and task-forces are open to the public unless noted otherwise. All are subject to the Maryland Open Meetings Act.