Heat Alert: Heat Emergency Has Been Declared This Weekend!

Montgomery County has issued a Heat Emergency Alert beginning 12 p.m Saturday, 6/22 through 8 p.m Sunday, 6/23, 2024. Residents should prepare for heat index values to reach 105 degrees during the afternoon hours. To beat the heat, head to one of the open City Facilities!

Important Notice: Ongoing Water Leak in the 7600 block of Maple Avenue - WSSC is Scheduledfor Repairs either Tues, July 2 or Wed, July 3 - The Repair Will Shut Off Water for a Portion of the Day.

WSSC is scheduling repairs so it can provide more notice to impacted residents and avoid doing the work when the forecast calls for very hot days next week. The repair work will be done at night to reduce impacts.

Library Renovations: Update: June 5, 2024 - Summer Construction Timetable

The scheduling of demolition and construction timelines are pending weather.

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Bids & Contracts

All open City of Takoma Park requests for bids, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications are published on this page following the information on Living Wage Requirements.

Living Wage Requirements

Every City contract for the provision of services awarded after a competitive bid or proposal process requires the contractor and any subcontractor to pay each employee assigned to perform services under the City contract a living wage. Certain contracts are exempted from this requirement.

Current Living Wage Rate

Ordinance 2007-55, amending the City Code to require the payment of a living wage by certain City contractors, became effective January 1, 2008.

Each year on April 1, the City Manager establishes the living wage rate, which shall be equal to the Montgomery County living wage rate established and published by Montgomery County pursuant to Section 11B-33A of the Montgomery County Code and any applicable regulations, as amended from time to time. The living wage rate established on April 1 goes into effect the following July 1.

The current living wage rate is $17.05 per hour. Effective July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025, the rate will be $17.60 per hour.

Requisitos de Costo de Vida

Cada contrato de la Ciudad para la prestación de servicios otorgados después de una oferta competitiva o proceso de propuesta requiere que el contratista y cualquier subcontratista pague a cada empleado asignado para realizar servicios bajo el contrato de la Ciudad de costo de vida. Algunos contratos están exentos de este requisito.

Tasa de Costo de Vida Actual

Ordenanza 2007-55 cambió el Código de la Ciudad para requerir el costo de vida actual para cierta contratistas de la Ciudad. La Ordenanza 2007-55 fue efectiva el 1 de enero de 2008.

El 1 de abril de cada año, el Administrador de la Ciudad establece la tasa de costo de vida, el cuál será equivalente a la tasa de costo de vida establecida por el Condado de Montgomery siguiendo la sección 11B-33A de el Código del Condado de Montgomery y cualquier regulación aplicable. La tasa de costo de vida  establecida el 1 de abril entra en efecto el 1 de julio siguiente.

El costo de vida actual es $17.05 por hora. A partir del 1 de julio de 2024 hasta el 30 de junio de 2025, el costo de vida será $17.60 por hora.

Current Bids & Contracts

Request For Proposals (RFP) #Issuing DepartmentRFP Title & LinkOpen DateOpen TimeClosing DateClosing Time
RFP #HCD-2024-03-05HCD/Public WorksHouston Avenue Stormwater Treatment Project2024-03-059:00 am2024-04-042:00 pm
RFP#PW-2024-02Public Works (PW)_Vegetation MaintenanceLandscape Maintenance for Streetscapes and Stormwater Bioretention Facilities

Addendum One (2022 Contract)

Addendum Two Questions

Addendum Three
2024-02-2812:00 pm2024-03-1511:59 pm
RFP #IT-2024-01Information SystemsSolicitation for Enterprise Document Management System2024-01-1912:00 pm2024-02-2911:59 pm
RFP #IT-2024-01bInformation SystemsSolicitation for Enterprise Document Management System Survey2024-01-1912:00 pm2024-02-2911:59 pm
Call for Public Art SubmissionHousing & Community Development (HCD)-Arts and HumanitiesCity of Takoma Park Call for Public Arts Submission2024-01-049:00 am2024-03-035:00 pm
RFQ #HCD-2023-08-23Housing & Community Development (HCD) _ HousingCity of Takoma Park Tenants to Owners Program2023-08-232023-12-3111:59 pm
RFQ #HCD-2023-08-21Housing & Community Development (HCD) _ HousingCity of Takoma Park Right of First Refusal Programr2023-08-2112:00 pm2023-12-3111:59 pm
RFP #HR-2023-06-23Human ResourcesCity of Takoma Park Right of First Refusal Programr2023-06-232:30 pm2023-07-1311:59 pm
RFP #HCD-2023-04-06Housing & Community Development (HCD)Solicitation for Executive Search Firm for Recruitment of City Manager2023-04-0610:30 AM2023-05-052:00 pm
RFP #HCD-2023-03-14Housing & Community DevelopmentDomer Ave Sidewalk Construction2023-03-148:30 AM2023-04-1411:59 PM
RFP #RD-2-22-08-31Recreation Department Youth & Teen Tutoring Services2022-08-312022-09-3012:00 PM
RFP # HCD-2022-02Housing and Community DevelopmentFair Return Petition Rent Analyst2022-07-2912:00 PM2022-08-192:00 PM
RFP # LIB-2022-7-18Library Library and Recreation Department Relocation for Construction2022-07-1812:00 PM2022-07-2212:00 PM
Request for Proposals - Tree PlantingPublic Works Tree Planting for Public Space and Private Property Program2022-06-215:00 PM2022-07-1211:59 PM
RFP #ARPA-2022-07-11ARPA Direct Cash Assistance Program Implementation2022-06-1712:00 PM2022-07-1111:50 PM
#RFP-2022-06-10RECRecreation Department Vending Machine Services2022-06-102202-07-154:00 PM
# RD-2022-06-03Recreation Department

S.T.E.A.M. Programs and Workshops2022-06-039:00 AM2022-30-0612:00 PM
# RD-2022-05-26Recreation Department Community Recreation Activities and Programs2022-26-052022-17-0612:00 PM
# RD-2022-5-1Recreation DepartmentSummer Meals and Enrichment Program2022-27-0512:00 PM2022-17-0612:00 PM
Public Works 051922PW: Vegetation Maintenance DivisionLandscape Maintenance for Streetscapes and Stormwater Bioretention Facilities

Addendum: 2015 RFP & Award

Questions & Answers Addendum (Updated: June 6, 2022)
2022-19-058:30 AM2022-08-065:00 PM
Finance 2022-02-22Finance DepartmentRFP #Finance 2022-02-22 2022-31-035:00 PM2022-28-0411:59 EST
PW 2022-03Public Works / LibraryRequest for Bidder Pre-Qualifications: Takoma Park Library Replacement2022-25-035:00 PM2022-29-042:00 P.M. EST
HR#2022-01Human ResourcesSolicitation for Contracting and Implementation of Human Resources Information System2022-03-029:00 AM2022-03-1811:59 PM
CTTV-20211115City TVContract for Services: Channel Automation, Digital
Signage, and Closed Captioning Systems
2022-02-0912:00 PM2022-03-1111:59 PM
HCD 2022-01-05Housing and Community DevelopmentContract for Public Space Management Plan
2022-01-0512:00 PM2022-02-0211:59 P.M. EST
Table: All open City of Takoma Park requests for bids, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications.

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