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Parking Information

About Parking in Takoma Park

The City of Takoma Park has street, metered and off-street metered parking. Residential areas may have parking restrictions. Look for signs near the curb. Comprehensive information on parking in Takoma Park is available below on this page.

The Takoma Park Police Department is responsible for parking enforcement within the City of Takoma Park. The City of Takoma Park does not enforce parking regulations on private property.

Proposed Parking Changes:

January 2020 – UPDATE: The City Manager has proposed administrative changes to the parking meters in the Takoma Junction area, on the 7300 block of Carroll Avenue.  The three components are:

  • to change one-hour meters to two-hour meters;
  • to remove several meters to allow short term (15 minute) deliveries, drop off or customer use near the bus stop and on Grant Avenue;
  • to identify two accessible spaces for handicapped use (one on Grant Avenue and one on Carroll Avenue near Lee Avenue).

The delivery/short term spaces are not to be exclusively for delivery trucks, but also for patrons dropping off cleaning or packages, picking up rolls and coffee, dropping off students for the music school etc.

The time limit for public comments is being extended until February 12 and a meeting with the businesses is being scheduled.  MAP

Parking Citations & Pay a Ticket or Request a Court Date

For information on how to pay or contest a parking ticket, fines and violations, visit the Parking Citations – Pay or Request Court Date page.

Permit-Area Parking

The Takoma Park Police Department is responsible for issuing parking permits for the City of Takoma Park. Visit the Permit Area Parking page to apply for a parking permit.


Parking Management Plan

A city-wide Parking Management Plan is underway, exploring all aspects of parking assets managed by the City, including parking meters, handicap parking, residential permit zones, enforcement, City Code and regulations, and parking hot spots.

Parking Guidelines

Left Wheels To Curb

Vehicles parked against the flow of traffic on two-way streets can be ticketed. This rule is not enforced during snow emergencies. Left wheels to curb rules do not apply on one-way streets.

Long-term Parking

The Takoma Park Police Department will check on complaints received regarding vehicles parked for longer than 72 hours in one place on public streets. A warning may be written for properly registered vehicles. A citation will be written three days later. Vehicles not moved within the next 10 days can be towed. The Takoma Park Police Department can exercise discretion if the vehicle is parked near the residence to which it is registered. Residents are encouraged to contact the Takoma Park Police Department if they plan to leave a vehicle on the street for extended periods of time.

Warnings can be written for improperly registered vehicles. State law requires vehicles to be registered in Maryland within 30 days of residency. Vehicles not moved immediately can be towed.  Contact Neighborhood Services or MyTKPK on the City website for private property violations, 301-270-1100.

Temporary Suspension of Enforcement

Contact the Takoma Park Police Department and request temporary suspension of enforcement in a residential parking zone for events or circumstances that may cause parking problems. Parking rules will still be enforced for infractions such as blocking driveways, fire hydrants, or crosswalks.

Parking Questions & Complaints

Individuals with parking questions or complaints can call the Takoma Park Police Department at 301-270-1100. A Parking Enforcement Officer or on-duty police officer can answer your question. Complaints about recurring parking problems or other concerns can be addressed to a Parking Enforcement Officer by calling 301-891-7102.

Concerns about parking violations on private property should be directed to Neighborhood Services at 301-270-1100 or online using MyTKPK.

Map of Restricted Parking in Takoma Park

This map details parking restrictions in residential and commercial areas.  Enter the address you are visiting in the search bar to see if it falls in an area with on-street residential parking permit requirements or parking meters.

Takoma Park Police Department Sections


Broken Parking Meter?

Broken parking meter? Email parking@takomaparkmd.gov, call 301-270-1100 or use the My TkPk app.

For more information on parking in Takoma Park visit the Parking Information page.

Parking Information

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