Published on: Saturday, July 29, 2017 City Manager & Staff Blog

Statement from Takoma Park Police Department: Safety, Dignity, and Rights of All

Dear Takoma Park Residents,

The Takoma Park Police Department and City Manager wish to be clear to our community that we will continue to uphold the safety, dignity and rights of suspects and all others who come into contact with Takoma Park police officers and staff.

Despite recent comments by the President that condone or seem permissive of violent treatment of suspects, the Takoma Park Police Department and City administration do not tolerate the mistreatment of anyone with whom we interact.

We applaud the statements of major law enforcement and justice organizations in affirming policing that focuses on protecting the safety of the public and of all individuals.

This past Wednesday, the City Council adopted its policies and expectations for the Takoma Park Police Department in Resolution 2017-45, Establishing the City Council’s Goals and Priorities for the Takoma Park Police Department. As an organization, we are in full partnership in these efforts.

Takoma Park will remain a community that strives to uphold the highest standards of policing and care for others.


City Manager Suzanne Ludlow

Acting Chief Richard Bowers

Captain Tyrone Collington

Captain Dan Frishkorn