Published on: Friday, October 9, 2015 City Manager & Staff Blog

The new is now in beta

From Craig Terrill, Media Specialist of Takoma Park:


Welcome to! This is a bottom up rethinking of how a municipal website will work and serve the guests and residents of Takoma Park.

We Invite Participation

We’re opening the beta so we can finish the new website out in the open. This is website is still under construction. Content is missing. There are going to be glitches. The design may still be a bit loose here and there. Navigation may be confusing in places.

That all being said… we’re getting close to a full launch and want to show our neighbors where we are at now that the site is starting to take its final shape.

We’d Like Your Help

Play around and tell us what you think by taking a very short survey.

We want to hear the good stuff, the bad stuff and the ugly stuff. We also would like to know a little bit about you and how you plan to use

What Happens Next?

The beta phase of the new version of is the culmination of over eight months of technical development and content work. Over the next few weeks we’re using this public beta to find bugs and solicit user feedback as we finish out importing content. Once our web content has been imported this website will replace the website that is currently located at

…and After That?

We’re thinking about it already. We’d love to hear ideas from the community as to what a “phase II” web project will look like. Send an email to, me, the Media Specialist ( so I can make sure it is a part of the discussion.


I’d like to thank staff and council who have made getting this website to beta possible. I’ve been truly humbled by the how Takoma Park staff have pitched in and helped make this beta launch a reality.

Craig Terrill
Media Specialist