Published on: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 City Manager & Staff Blog

Updated Storm Recovery Information from the City Manager

Photo of City Manager Suzanne Ludlow
Suzanne Ludlow, City Manager

From Suzanne Ludlow, City Manager of Takoma Park

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 12:30 PM

Dear Residents,

I drove around Takoma Park this morning and saw tremendous progress in getting Takoma Park back to normal. Thanks to all of you who have helped clear snow from sidewalks, from between cars, from bus stops and from sidewalk ramps. We have more to do, but those areas yet to be done are obvious and countable.

I stopped by Public Works today and the employees are very tired – many have worked for ten straight days so far – but they also feel good about the progress that has been made. They really appreciate the nice things people have said to them while they’ve been out clearing roads and sidewalks.

During the day today, please try to continue to clear sidewalks. A good amount of melting is going on, which is helping, but there will be a hard freeze tonight, some freezing Thursday night, and a hard freeze on Friday night. Ice will be a problem in the mornings. Do not use rock salt on sidewalks, use sand or sidewalk-safe de-icer instead.

Tomorrow we begin trash/recycling/food waste collection and enforcement of the City’s sidewalk clearing laws. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we get back to normal!

Updated Storm Recovery Information
  • Regular collection of trash, recycling and food waste of Thursday routes will be attempted on Thursday, January 28, starting a little later in the morning than normal. Crews will attempt collection, but not all streets may be accessible and not all containers may be able to be collected. Residents are advised to use caution when placing their containers near the curbside. Given the limited space, please keep them out of the street. Where possible place them in a driveway opening or tree lawn areas that have been shoveled down and are level. The same information applies to the collection of Friday’s route on Friday.
  • Traffic restrictions put in place for the duration of the storm will continue through Sunday, January 3.
  • No payment is needed at the City’s Takoma Junction parking lot on Carroll Avenue or at parking meters through Sunday, January 31.
  • Enforcement WILL take place regarding non-monetary parking restrictions such as residential permit parking, handicap parking, no parking in loading areas etc.
  • Enforcement of the City’s sidewalk clearing laws begins on Thursday for sidewalks along commercial, institutional and multi-family properties. Enforcement begins on Friday for sidewalks along single-family residential property. For more information, see . Enforcement officers will be lenient with properties that had snow plowed onto sidewalks from street crews.

Takoma Park Rocks!

Suzanne Ludlow
City Manager
Phone: 301-891-7229