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Emergency Preparedness Committee

About the Emergency Preparedness Committee

From Takoma Park Municipal Code 2.16.240:

The Emergency Preparedness Committee shall assist in:

  1.  Reviewing the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and other supporting emergency documents and recommending changes to the Council and City Manager.
  2. Exploring the formation of volunteer neighborhood emergency teams that can assist City departments in carrying out emergency activities when called upon.
  3. Coordinating with the City, Montgomery County, and other agencies to educate residents on their individual responsibilities in preparing their households for emergencies and providing information on what residents can expect from the City and County during an emergency.
  4. Collecting and providing, as appropriate, research and data as well as assembled comments on emergency-related events for the Council.
  5. Reporting to the Council on the Committee’s progress six months after the Committee starts operating and every six months thereafter. Each report will provide information on upcoming plans for the Committee along with recommendations for improving the City’s preparedness, if appropriate.
  6. Coordinating with Montgomery County to offer and promote citizen training programs for residents.
  7. Identifying and promoting volunteer opportunities during emergency situations to neighborhood safety contacts, citizen patrols, citizen associations, persons who serve or care for special City populations, and other City residents in concert with the agency within Montgomery County that is responsible for volunteers during emergencies.
  8. Advising the City on strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of City preparedness activities and its relationship with relevant agencies, organizations, and community groups.
  9. Providing opportunities, when appropriate, for Councilmembers to be present during emergency exercises as observers and solicit their feedback after an event. (Ord. 2014-20 § 1, 2014/Ord. 2007-3, 2007: Ord. 2004-31 (part), 2004)

Contact the Emergency Preparedness Committee

Emergency Preparedness Manager
Takoma Park Police Department
Phone: 301-891-7126
Email: tpepc@takomaparkmd.gov

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