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Recreation and Community Engagement Committee

The Recreation and Community Engagement Committee was established:

A. To advise the City Council on how best to serve the diverse recreation needs of Takoma Park residents,
including but not limited to reviewing and recommending policies and programs that concern recreational
opportunities within the City, with a special emphasis on youth and seniors and broad and diverse participation.

B. To advise the City Council regarding a range of community needs involving recreation, health, leisure,
education, enrichment programs, and opportunities for social development.

C. To identify for the City Council options and opportunities which may benefit the Takoma Park community by
serving those needs.

D. To advise the City Council on ways to enhance use of existing City-owned or City-operated facilities,
including the Community Center, the New Hampshire Avenue Recreation Center, Heffner Park Community Center,
and athletic fields maintained by the City to meet the objectives set forth in subsection (B) of this section.

E. To advise the City Council of options and opportunities for recreational use of other public community
facilities in the area and to suggest to the Council new facilities which may be needed. (Ord. 2021-39 § 1, 2021)


The Recreation and Community Engagement Committee shall consist of nine Takoma Park residents to be appointed by the City Council. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the membership represents all wards and the diverse populations in Takoma Park. Committee members shall serve staggered two-year terms beginning July 1 and ending on June 30.

Recreation and Community Engagement Committee Members

NameWardTerm Expiration
Michael Asrat22025
Mackenzie Brown32025
Ellen Marcus22025
Cherwanda Vera Oliver52024
Rachna Rikhye12024
Jon Worley22024
Alan Kahn42025
Thomas Radman22025
Ken Simler12024

Documents of Interest

Ordinance 2008-4 

2022 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Meeting DateLink to Meeting Agenda and Minutes
2023-06-15Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes
2023-05-18Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes
2023-04-20Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes
2023-03-16Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes
2023-02-16Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes
2023-01-19Meetig Agenda

Meeting Agenda and Minutes from Previous Years.

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