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Tree Commission

(This page discusses the City Council-appointed Tree Commission.  For information on the City’s Urban Forestry program, tree permitting, and tree education, please see the Urban Forestry page.)

The Takoma Park Tree Commission was established “to preserve, protect and promote the urban forest of Takoma Park” and to hear appeals from tree permit decisions.

The Tree Commission has two main functions:

  1. Advisory: The Tree Commission, with the assistance of the Urban Forest Manager, proposes rules, regulations, procedures and actions to be taken by the City to preserve and protect the urban forest, subject to the approval of the Council, and performs any other related duties assigned by the Council by ordinance or resolution.
  2. Quasi-Judicial: to hear appeals from tree permit decisions, either from residents who have been denied a permit from the City to remove a tree or to conduct a restricted project around trees, or from neighbors who may object to the removal of a tree or project that has been given preliminary approval from the City Arborist.

See the following City Code sections regarding the Tree Commission:

Tree Commission Hearing Decisions

One of the Tree Commission’s primary responsibilities is to hear appeals to preliminary approvals and denials for Tree Removal and Tree Protection Plan permits issued by the Urban Forest Manager.   See below for a record of Decisions issued by the Tree Commission.

Hearing DateCase NumberAddress
May 8, 2024TC-2024-017018 Poplar Ave
December 7, 2021TC-2021-017205 Flower Avenue
December 15, 20202020-02430 - 434 Ethan Allen Avenue
August 12, 20202020-017600 Takoma Avenue
November 14, 20192019-027804 Carroll Avenue
February 28, 20192019-017222 Garland Avenue
November 29, 20182018-077316 Flower Avenue
November 20, 20182018-067110 Woodland Avenue
October 11, 20182018-0522 Philadelphia Avenue
June 14, 20182018-04715 Devonshire Avenue
March 7, 20182018-031103 Lancaster Avenue
February 1, 20182018-027222 Garland Avenue
January 11, 20182018-01914 Glaizewood Avenue
November 9, 20172017-08102 Geneva Avenue
November 2, 20172017-077412 Cedar Avenue
October 26, 20172017-06334 Lincoln Avenue
July 27, 20172017-04817 Colby Avenue
June 29, 20172017-037102 14th Avenue
May 25, 20172017-027320 Willow avenue
April 11, 20172017-016501 Kansas Avenue


The Tree Commission is composed of seven members appointed by the City Council. Each member serves a three-year term, ending June 30, and may apply for re-appointment to another term. Any interested resident of Takoma Park may apply to become a Tree Commissioner. Current Commission members are:

Tree Commission Members

First NameLast NameWardTerm Expiration
Table: Current Tree Commission members.

Tree Commission Meetings

The Tree Commission meets the second Wednesday each quarter at 7:00 pm, The meeting are held remotely via Zoom. The meetings (and hearings) are open to the public.

For more information, please contact the Urban Forest Manager who serves as the liaison to the Tree Commission: urbanforestmanager@takomaparkmd.gov.

2024 Tree Commission meeting schedule

Meeting DateLink to Document(s)
2024-02-14Meeting Agenda

Important Documents

Archival Meeting Agenda & Minutes 

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