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Administrative Regulations

The City of Takoma Park has adopted several regulations that implement or interpret law or policy or establish City policies and procedures. Many administrative regulations that directly affect residents or those doing business with the City are published here.

Chapter 10.04 and 10.08 Refuse and Recycling

Chapter 12.08 – Prohibitions on Maintaining Undesirable Vegetation
Chapter 12.12 – Urban Forest

Title 11 Streets, Chapter 11.12 Permits and Improvements – Regulating Installation of Certain Telecommunications Facilities and Equipment in City Rights-of-Way

Chapter 8.16.090 – Outdoor Cafes in the Right-of-Way

 Chapter 6.16 Landlord-Tenant Relations, Section 6.16.100 Utilities – charges to tenant and transfer of utility payments

Chapter 6.16.030 Tenant Rights of Association

Chapter 6.16 Landlord-Tenant Relations, Section 6.16.090 Fees – General provisions, permitted fees, optional fees, prohibited fee

Chapter 6.20 Fair Return Rent Increases

Chapter 6.24 Commission on Landlord Tenant Affairs

Chapter 8.40 Article 1 Facade Advisory Board

Chapter 8.44 Filming and Photography

Chapter 13.12 Parking Meters

Chapter 13.20.030 Permit Parking

Chapter 13.28 Traffic Calming Devices

Chapter 14.20 Public Space and Public Building

Resolution 1993-77 – Establishing a Domestic Partnership Registry

Maryland Public Information Act

City Clerk Sections