Heat Alert: Heat Emergency Has Been Declared This Weekend!

Montgomery County has issued a Heat Emergency Alert beginning 12 p.m Saturday, 6/22 through 8 p.m Sunday, 6/23, 2024. Residents should prepare for heat index values to reach 105 degrees during the afternoon hours. To beat the heat, head to one of the open City Facilities!

Important Notice: Ongoing Water Leak in the 7600 block of Maple Avenue - WSSC is Scheduledfor Repairs either Tues, July 2 or Wed, July 3 - The Repair Will Shut Off Water for a Portion of the Day.

WSSC is scheduling repairs so it can provide more notice to impacted residents and avoid doing the work when the forecast calls for very hot days next week. The repair work will be done at night to reduce impacts.

Library Renovations: Update: June 5, 2024 - Summer Construction Timetable

The scheduling of demolition and construction timelines are pending weather.

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Legislative Advocacy

Each year, the City Council develops legislative priorities ahead of the Maryland General Assembly’s session in Annapolis to advance the City’s interests at the state level. The City contracts with a legislative advocate who assists with these efforts. The legislative advocate identifies legislation of interest to the City to monitor, provides information on the status and likelihood of passage of bills, supports the City’s efforts in having legislation adopted or amended, provides guidance to Council and staff in delivering timely and effective testimony, and has a good knowledge of the General Assembly’s leadership, legislators, committees, staff, and how they function and work together.

The City provides testimony on numerous bills each year in writing and in person. While there are many – possibly hundreds – of bills each year that are of interest to the City, we typically only take an official position and submit testimony on bills that directly align with the legislative priorities established in advance of the legislative session by Council each year, including priorities established by resolutions passed by Council in previous years. This is a function of political strategy, staff time, and the often unpredictable timing of hearings, among other factors.

The table below includes the testimony submitted. Testimony submitted in previous years (going back to 2017) can be found in the Legislative Advocacy Archive.


2023 Mayor and City Council Testimony

11/06/2023Mayor Talisha SearcyTestimony on Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) 2025-2030 Capital Improvement Program (CIP)



2021 Legislative Advocacy Testimony

Bill Number, Title, or Event Where Testimony PresentedCity's PositionDateLink to Testimony
SB 524: Energy Performance Targets and Low-Income HousingSupportNot AvailableSubmitted Testimony
SB 676: Firearm Safety - Storage Requirements and Youth Suicide Prevention (Jaelynn's Law)Support2022-03-15Submitted Testimony
SB 893: Safer Communities Fund and Task Force - EstablishmentSupport2022-03-15Submitted Testimony
SB 783: Environmental RightsSupport2022-03-09Submitted Testimony
HB 935: Expansion (Behavioral Health System Modernization Act)Support2022-03-09Submitted Testimony
SB 880: SAFE Roads ActSupport2022-03-09Submitted Testimony
HB 1013: Safer Communities Fund and Task ForceSupport2022-03-08Submitted Testimony
HB 929: Opportunity Zone FundSupport2022-03-03Submitted Testimony
SB 491: Taxation of Business Property - Tax Rates, Exemptions, and CreditsOppose2022-03-01Submitted Testimony
HB 918: Tenant Access to Cable Television Systems and Equipment MC 01-22Support2022-03-01Submitted Testimony
HB 708: Comprehensive Climate SolutionsSupport2022-02-28Submitted Testimony
SB 637: Expansion (Behavioral Health System Modernization Act)Support2022-02-23Submitted Testimony
HB 881: Local Just Cause Termination ProvisionsSupport2022-02-22Submitted Testimony
HB 674: Stay of Eviction Proceeding for Rental Assistance DeterminationSupport2022-02-22Submitted Testimony
HB 656: SAFE Roads ActSupport2022-02-17Submitted Testimony
SB 292: Packaging Materials - Producer ResponsibilitySupport2022-02-17Submitted Testimony
SB 874: Vision Zero Implementation Act of 2022Support2022-02-16Submitted Testimony
SB 384: Stay of Eviction Proceeding for Rental Assistance DeterminationSupport2022-02-15Submitted Testimony
SB 528: Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022Support2022-02-15Submitted Testimony
HB 0254: Vision Zero Implementation Act of 2022Support2022-02-03Submitted Testimony
HB 307/SB 292: Packaging Materials - Producer ResponsibilitySupport2022-02-02Submitted Testimony
SB 81: Building Energy Performance Standards Act of 2022Support2022-01-27Submitted Testimony
SB 414: Climate Solutions Act of 2021Support2021-03-31Submitted Testimony
HB 562: Montgomery County – Speed LimitsSupport2021-03-18Submitted Testimony
HB 304: State and Local Government - Participation in Federal Immigration EnforcementSupport2021-03-03Submitted Testimony
HB 120: Public Information Act – Personnel Records – Investigations of Law Enforcement Officers (Anton’s Law)Support2021-02-09Submitted Testimony
SB 178 Public Information Act- Investigations of Law EnforcementSupport2021-02-05Submitted Testimony
SB 627 Law Enforcement Officers ' Bill of RightsSupport2021-02-05Submitted Testimony
HB 379/SB 462 Low Income Housing- Energy Performance TargetsSupport2021-02-04Submitted Testimony
SB 362 Transportation - Highway User RevenueSupport2021-02-02Submitted Testimony
HB 314 / SB 223: Plastic Bag Reduction ActSupport2021-01-28Submitted Testimony
SB 414 Climate Solutions Act 2021Support2021-01-28Submitted Testimony
SB 97 Purple Line Marketing ActSupport2021-01-27Submitted Testimony
HB 295 Stormwater Management Regulations &Watershed Implementation PlansSupport2021-01-27Submitted Testimony
339-193 Plastic Bag Ban2021-01-22Memorandum by Dan Powers
SB 89 Municipalities - Vacancies in Elected OfficesOppose2021-01-19Submitted Testimony
HB 80 Purple Line Tree Replacement PlanSupport2021-01-12Submitted Testimony
Presentation at 20th District Delegation & City Council Joint Priorities Meeting2020-12-09Takoma Park 2021 Legislative Priorities
MC 8-21 Stable Homes ActSupport2020-12-08Testimony by Kate Stewart
MC 17-21 Community Choice Energy PilotSupport2020-12-01Testimony by Cindy Dyballa
Mont. Co. Delegation Joint Priorities Hearing - November 12, 20202020-11-12Testimony by Kate Stewart


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