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The City Council adopts ordinances to amend, effect, or repeal City law or to authorize the appropriation of City funds above a limit defined in the Takoma Park Code. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the City Council adopts the City Budget by ordinance.

Ordinances are numbered sequentially in the year they are introduced.  All ordinance entries link to PDF files.

Ordinances for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Ordinances - 2019

Adopted DateOrdinance NumberOrdinance Title & Link (PDF)
2019-11-182019-48Authorization to Purchase Replacement Police Vehicle
2019-11-182019-47Authorizing to Contract for Elevator Refurbishment
2019-11-182019-46Awarding a Contract for Stormwater System Cleaning and Video Inspection Services
2019-11-182019-45Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Contract for Municipal Legal Services (City Attorney)
2019-11-182019-44FY 2020 Budget Amendment No. 2
2019-11-132019-43Authorizing to Purchase Replacement Trash and Recycling Containers for the Public Right-of-Way
2019-10-302019-42Authorizing Reimbursement for Expenses Associated with the Independence Day Celebration and Takoma Park Folk Festival
2019-01-092019-1Approving Contract to Provide Officiating Services for Recreation Department Sports Programs
2019-01-302019-2Authorizing a Contract for Window Replacement in the Community Center
2019-02-272019-3FY 2019 Budget Amendment No. 3
2019-03-132019-4Contract for Archectural Services
2019-04-032019-5Amending the Takoma Park Code to Ban the Commercial Use of Plastic Beverage Straws and Plastic Stirrers
2019-05-012019-6Approving the Land Exchange for the Takoma Park Recreation Center
2019-04-102019-7Authorizing Award of a Contract for Stormwater Outfall Evaluation and Testing
2019-04-102019-8Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Contract for the Auditorium Digital Video Upgrade and New Touch Panel Control System
2019-04-102019-9Authorizing Award of a Contract to Update the Sustainable Energy Action Plan and Greenhouse Gas Inventory
2019-05-012019-10Authorizing Award of a Contract of a Contract for Tree Maintenence and Removals
2019-05-152019-11Establishing the Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2020, Beginning July 1, 2019 and Ending June 30, 2020
2019-05-152019-12Approving and Adopting the Stormwater Management Budget for Fiscal Year 2020, Beginning July 1, 2019
2019-05-152019-13Approving and Adopting the Budget for Fiscal Year 2020, Beginning July 1, 2019 and Ending June 30, 2020
2019-05-082019-14Authorizing the Purchase of a Security Camera System
2019-06-052019-15Amending Takoma Park Code, Chapter 2.16, Boards and Commissions, to Reestablish the Safe Roadways Committee as the Complete Safe Streets Committee
2019-05-222019-16Award of a Contract for Tree Planting in the Right-of-Way
2019-06-052019-17Authorizing Award of a Contract for Surface Restoration of the Community Center Pedestrian Bridge
2019-06-122019-18Community Health and Empowerment through Education and Research (CHEER) – Lunch and Learn Summer Camp
2019-06-122019-19Making a New United People (M.A.N.U.P) – Teen and Young Adult Mentoring Program
2019-06-192019-20Authorizing Award of FY20 Community Quality of Life Grant Funds
2019-06-192019-21Purchase of a Leaf Vacuum for the Public Works Department
2019-07-172019-22Adopting Pay Structure for Staff of the City of Takoma Park that are not Members of a Collective Bargaining Unit
2019-07-312019-23Approving FY 20 Budget Amendment No. 1
2019-07-312019-24FY20 Stormwater Budget Amendment No. 1
2019-31-072019-25Adopting a Pay Structure for Staff That Are Represented by AFSCME
2019-07-312019-26Authorizing a Contract with RR/MM Lukmire Architects for Professional Services to Continue Design Work for Library Renovation for the City of Takoma Park
2019-07-312019-27Let’s Play America – Community Play Days
2019-09-252019-28Ordinance Authorizing Execution of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Takoma Park, Maryland, and the City of Laurel, Maryland
2019-09-182019-29Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Economic Development Services with Old Takoma Business Association, Inc.
2019-09-182019-30Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Economic Development Services with Takoma/Langley Crossroads Development Authority, Inc.
2019-09-252019-31Award of a Contract for Tree Work in the Right-of-Way
2019-09-252019-32Awarding a Contract for Purchase of a Replacement Skid Steer
2019-10-232019-35Authorization to Purchase Two Replacement F250 Pickup Trucks
2019-10-232019-36Authorization to Purchase a Replacement F450 Dump Truck
2019-10-232019-37Authorization to Purchase a Replacement Administrative Sedan Pool Vehicle
2019-10-232019-38Authorizing Purchases of Information Systems Items
2019-10-232019-39Awarding an Indefinite Quantities contract for Street, Sidewalk and Stormwater Structure Construction with D&F Construction
2019-10-232019-40Awarding an Indefinite Quantities contract for Street, Sidewalk and Stormwater Structure Construction with NZI Construction Corporation
2019-10-232019-41Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Contract for a Photo Speed Enforcement Program
Table: Takoma Park City Council ordinances for calendar year 2019. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (clerk@takomaparkmd.gov)

Ordinances from Previous Years

City Council Ordinances from previous years are available on list the Ordinance – Archive page.

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