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The City Council adopts ordinances to amend, effect, or repeal City law or to authorize the appropriation of City funds above a limit defined in the Takoma Park Code. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the City Council adopts the City Budget by ordinance.

Ordinances are numbered sequentially in the year they are introduced.  All ordinance entries link to PDF files.

Ordinances for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Ordinances - 2021

Adopted DateOrdinance NumberOrdinance Title & Link (PDF)
2021-05-052021-17Authorizing Purchases of Street Furnishings
2021-05-052021-16Authorizing Bus Shelter Purchase and Installation
2021-05-052021-15Purchase of a Leaf Vacuum for the Works Department
2021-04-072021-14FY 2021 Budget Amendment No. 5
2021-03-172021-13Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into Contract with Housing Initiative Partnership and Use $200,000 from the Housing Reserve Fund for a Housing Project at 320 Lincoln Avenue
2021-03-242021-12Amending the Takoma Park Code, Title 16, Stormwater Management, Chapter 16.08 Stormwater Management Fee System
2021-03-172021-11Authorizing the Installation of Traffic Calming on Darwin Avenue
2021-03-172021-10Authorizing Installation of Traffic Calming on the 8000 block of Wildwood Drive
2021-03-032021-9Authorizing a Contract to Conduct a Police Promotional Process
2021-03-032021-8FY 2021 Budget Amendment No. 4
2021-02-172021-7Amending Ordinance 2021-5 to Approve Purchase of Four Replacement Police Vehicles and Outfitting of the Vehicles
2021-02-032021-6FY21 Budget Amendment No. 3
2021-01-212021-5Authorization to Purchase Four Replacement Police Vehicles
2021-01-212021-4Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Contract for Public Computers, Software, and Support for the Computer Learning Center, Senior Room and Library, and any Alternate Locations as Necessary
2021-01-212021-3Authorization to Purchase Mobile Computers
2021-01-212021-2Authorization to Purchase a Replacement Pickup Truck
2021-01-272021-1Amending the City of Takoma Park Police Employees' Retirement Plan to Add a Deferred Retirement Option Program and to Permit Military Service as Creditable Service
Table: Takoma Park City Council ordinances for calendar year 2021. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

Ordinances from Previous Years

City Council Ordinances from previous years are available on list the Ordinance – Archive page.

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