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The City Council adopts ordinances to amend, effect, or repeal City law or to authorize the appropriation of City funds above a limit defined in the Takoma Park Code. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the City Council adopts the City Budget by ordinance.

Ordinances are numbered sequentially in the year they are introduced.  All ordinance entries link to PDF files.

Ordinances for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Ordinances - 2018

Adopted DateOrdinance NumberOrdinance Title & Link (PDF)
2018-07-182018-31Authorization to Purchase Spacesaver Storage System
2018-07-182018-30Award of Contract to Spirit Fit and Health, LLC “Spirit Club” to Provide Recreational Opportunities for People with Disabilities
2018-07-182018-29Awarding a Contract for Purchase of a Replacement Trash Truck and Replacement Recycling Truck
2018-07-252018-28Authorizing a Contract to Conduct a Police Promotional Process
2018-07-252018-27Authorization to Purchase Five Replacement Police Vehicles
2018-07-252018-26Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Construction of Lincoln Avenue Sidewalk
2018-07-252018-25FY2019 Stormwater Management Fund
2018-07-252018-24FY 2019 Budget Amendment No. 1
2018-07-112018-23Authorizing Award of FY19 Community Quality of Life Grant Funds
2018-06-272018-22Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Construction of the Flower Avenue Green Street Project
2018-06-202018-21Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Construction of the Flower Avenue Green Street Project
2018-06-272018-20Authorizing Boundary Correction Land Transfer Regarding 117 Elm Avenue and Spring Park
2018-05-232018-19Authorizing the Installation of Traffic Calming on Fifth Avenue
2018-05-162018-18Approving and Adopting the Budget for Fiscal Year 2019, Beginning July 1, 2018 and Ending June 30, 2019
2018-05-162018-17Adopting the FY 2019 Stormwater Management Budget
2018-05-162018-16An Ordinance Establishing the Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2019, Beginning July 1, 2018 and Ending June 30, 2019
2018-04-252018-15Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Contract for Computers, Software, and Support for the Computer Learning Center and Library
2018-04-252018-14Requesting Removal of Assessment of Inventory as Part of the Personal Property Tax Assessment in the City of Takoma Park, Effective for Tax Year 2020
2018-04-112018-13Authorizing Award of Contract for Conducting a Resident Survey
2018-04-042018-12Purchase of a Leaf Vacuum for the Public Works Department
2018-04-042018-11Approving FY 2018 Budget Amendment No. 3
2018-03-072018-10Authorizing Execution of a Contract for a Stormwater Rate and Impervious Area Study
2018-03-072018-09Awarding a Contract for a 100% Renewable Energy Supplier
2018-02-212018-08Amending the Takoma Park Code Chapters 8.16, Sale of Food and Drink, to Allow for Outdoor Cafe Seating in the Public Right-of-Way
2018-02-072018-07Authorization to Purchase Four Replacement Police Vehicles
2018-02-072018-06Authorizing Contract for Purchase of HR Office Furniture
2018-01-312018-05Authorizing The Lease Of Canon Photocopiers
2018-01-172018-04Authorization to Purchase and Install Equipment for Five Police Vehicles
2018-01-172018-03Authorization to Purchase Five Replacement Police Vehicles
2018-01-172018-02Authorization to Purchase Replacement Police Radios
2018-01-172018-01Authorizing the Execution of a Grant Agreement with the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee, Inc.
Table: Takoma Park City Council ordinances for calendar year 2018. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (clerk@takomaparkmd.gov)

Ordinances from Previous Years

City Council Ordinances from previous years are available on list the Ordinance – Archive page.

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