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Acquired Programs

A camera operator is seen from behind filming a stage at the Street Festival on a bright day with a few clouds in the sky.
The Street Festival is just one of many music festivals that happen annually in Takoma Park.

Some links to shows from outside producers that you can watch in City TV.

A still from a segment with one of the hosts of County Report This Week, with a TV screen behind her.
County Report This Week highlights recent news about Montgomery County.

City TV is a proud partner of PEG Montgomery (Public, Education, Government).  PEG stations produce a weekly award-winning news show, County Report This Week.  Takoma Park news segments are often featured on County Report This Week.

A still image from the Folklorist program with man staring at the camera, the background is black and The Folklorist is written on the right.
The Folkflorist is one of many fascinating acquired programs that air on City TV.

The Folklorist is an Emmy Award-winning series produced by NewTV at Newton, MA.  Each episode covers historical events from a point of view that tightropes between education and folklore.  You can watch episodes in our Youth Block.



A group of 9 preschool children, with six standing, and three sitting. There are talking and looking at the camera, dressed in various shades of green, blue, and purple.
The children featured on the Preschool Power show.

Preschool Power is an evergreen series addressed to children.  Each activity and demonstration is taught by a child aged 2-7. You can watch these episodes in our Youth Block.

Paul Gauguin's Les Miserables painting, a self portrait with a yellow background with flowers.
Paul Gauguin’s Les Miserables painting, created in 1888.

The National Gallery of Art produces a series of videos which highlight artists and masterpieces hosted in its galleries.  You can see episodes in our Arts & Humanities Block.

Links to World Culture shows can be found under the TeleCiudad Shows page.

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