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Window Guard Regulations

Window Guard Regulations for Rental Units in Takoma Park

Window Guard Requirements
  • Must be installed so that a 4″ diameter sphere cannot fit through them or must prevent the window from opening more than 4″
  • Must be able to bear a load of 150 lbs (specified by the manufacturer)
  • Stoppers must be ½ the width and depth of the track and should be securely fastened
  • Window guards can be a combination of bars and stoppers such that an opening of more than 4″ is impossible
  • Tenants can request them at any time, and they must be installed within 14 days of the request
A Window Is Exempt When
  • It is not designed to open;
  • It is a ground-floor or basement window;
  • Windows leading to a fire escape ladder or an exterior balcony;
  • It contains an air-conditioning unit bolted to the window and does not have gaps of more than 4 inches.
Notification/Compliance Requirements
  • Current tenants must be notified by March 1, 2023, that they can request window guards be installed in their unit
  • New tenants must be notified as part of the lease agreement
  • Tenants must be notified annually by mail or by hand either when you notice a rent increase or go for a renewal (whichever comes first)
  • You need to maintain the following information on-site for the City to review
    • An inventory of the models of window guards used;
    • The number of window guards installed in each unit;
    • A statement/affidavit that all window guards meet the requirements of the regulation.

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Requesting a Variance
  • Variances must be submitted to the Housing Division by filling out the Variance Request Form
  • You must provide adequate justification for why your windows cannot meet the standards. Be sure to include photos and drawings to illustrate your situation
  • If you are including an alternative window guard, you must include a sample of it in your application


Read the full Window Guard Administrative Regulation (PDF).

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