Rental Housing Licensing

The City of Takoma Park requires the licensing of all rental housing.

There are three types of rental housing licenses issued by the City of Takoma Park — annual, biennial, and temporary. The most frequently issued license is the annual license, which is valid for a 12-month period and runs from January 1 through December 31.

The following is a summary of the general licensing requirements found in Takoma Park Code Chapter 6.08 Rental Housing Licenses.

Rental Housing License Application

A license application must be completed prior to the issuance of a new rental housing license, the renewal of an existing license or the transfer of an existing license to a new property owner.

Takoma Park Rental Housing License Renewal Process

Before you can renew your online rental housing license, you will have to login to the “City of Takoma Park’s Rent Stabilization Annual Rent Report and Licensing” web site at

To obtain your user ID and password, please contact the Housing and Community Development Department at 301-891-7119. If you own more than one rental facility, a separate renewal application must be submitted for each property. The password for each property is unique.

For more detailed instructions please reference the Login Instructions Takoma Park Rental Housing License Renewal Process document.

Rental Housing License & Transfer Fees

A license fee, based on the number of rental units in the property, must be paid in full prior to the issuance of a required license. The fee is established on an annual basis and cannot be prorated or waived. An additional transfer fee is required when transferring ownership of a rental property.  The license fee for 2017 is $105 per unit.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Compliance

State law and the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) lead poisoning prevention regulations require the registration and/or certification of all rental housing properties built before 1978. All rental properties must be registered with the MDE and a copy of the MDE Certificate of each individual rental unit must be on file with the City before a license will be issued.

Property Inspection

The City Code requires the inspection of all rental units to ensure compliance with the City’s Property Maintenance Code. Inspections are conducted by Montgomery County’s Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA). Identified code violations must be corrected before a license will be issued by the City. Failure to correct the identified violation in a timely manner may result in the issuance of a citation, and a fine and/or the revocation or suspension of an existing rental housing license.

Landlord Certification Requirements

The owners of all rental housing properties – or their registered agents – are required to be certified by the City prior to the issuance of any rental housing license. The certification process is designed to provide landlords and their agents with a working knowledge of the laws governing the management, operation, maintenance and sale of rental housing property in Takoma Park. To obtain a certification as a landlord in Takoma Park you take a written Landlord Certification exam.

The certification remains valid for a period of three years and must be renewed before a rental housing license may be issued.

Landlord Certification Exam

The certification seminar is a 90 minute class held in the auditorium at 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912.  The schedule is below.  Please call 301-891-7119 to preregister if you plan to attend.

2017  Seminar Schedule


February 21, 20179:00 - 10:30 AM
April 18, 20177:00 - 8:30 PM
June 20, 20179:00 - 10:30 AM
October 11, 20179:00 - 10:30 AM

Alternatively, landlords and property managers may choose to take a written exam covering a wide range of topics including licensing requirements, the property maintenance code, landlord tenant relations ordinance, rent stabilization, the Commission on Landlord Tenant Affairs (COLTA), and the first opportunity to purchase ordinance.

Individuals electing to take the written exam are encouraged to attend one of the certification seminars offered by the Housing and Community Development Division.

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