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Exploring Safe & Secure Alternatives for Package Deliveries

Online shopping has become a normal part of our lives.  Having items delivered to your doorstep saves time and effort.  But, with the rise in packages being delivered, there is also a rise in package thefts.  To help you protect your valuable deliveries and ensure they reach you safely, we’ve put together a set of tips and strategies.  Hopefully, this will minimize the chances of falling victim to package thieves while continuing to enjoy online shopping with peace of mind.

  • Request a Signature: Request that all packages require a signature upon delivery.  This ensures that packages aren’t left unattended.
  • Install a Security Camera:  Install security cameras that provide real-time alerts and allow you to communicate with delivery personnel remotely.
  • Track your Deliveries:  Keep track of your packages by using tracking numbers and delivery notifications to know when they’ll arrive.
  • Choose In-Store Pickup:  Opt for in-store pickup if the retailer offers this option.  You can collect your packages at your convenience.
  • Schedule Deliveries:  Many delivery services allow you to schedule specific delivery times when you’ll be at home.

Alternative Delivery Methods in Takoma Park:

Takoma Postal and Business Center, 7304 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD (301) 270-5314
Takoma Postal and Business Center will sign for your shipments when they arrive, record packages in their package receiving management system, notify you via phone, text, or email when you have a package and safely secure and store your packages until you pick them up at your convenience.

If you’re also worried about mail theft from your mailbox, they also allow you to rent a private mailbox and receive all of your mail and packages as part of the service without the extra package fees.

For information:

Amazon Lockers:
Shipping to an Amazon Locker is free for Prime Amazon members (they only accept Amazon packages). You would need to contact the company if you are not a Prime Amazon member for pricing.  There are places in or near Takoma Park that offer this service.  For information:

UPS Access Point:  6315 New Hampshire Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912 (inside Dennis Express).  For info:

UPS My Choice: (there is a Basic (free) or Premium (paid) plan you can research on their web page.

  • View all details for your inbound and outbound shipments
  • Receive delivery alerts and photos
  • Change the delivery date or location
  • Tell your driver where to leave your package
  • View the estimated time for delivery
  • Follow shipments as they move toward their destinations

FedEx On-site:  There are places in or near Takoma Park that offer this service.  For information:

More alternative delivery methods:

  • Delivery to Workplace:  If your workplace permits it, have packages delivered to your office, where they can be stored securely.
  • Smart Locks: Install smart locks that allow delivery personnel to access a secure storage area for packages (some people have this on their garages for packages to be left inside the garage doors out of sight).
  • Local Pickup Points: Check if your local stores, libraries, or community centers offer package pick-up services.
  • Neighbor Networks:  Coordinate with your neighbors to create a shared delivery drop-off point or neighborhood package hub.
  • Same-Day Delivery Services: Opt for same-day or on-demand delivery services that reduce the time your package spends outside.

By implementing these tips and exploring alternative delivery methods, you can help keep your packages safe and reduce the risk of theft in the community.


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