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Gang Prevention

Gangs are neither just a big city nor inner city problem, nor are they a problem of a particular race or culture.  Gangs cross all ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, gender, and geographical boundaries.  They bring fear and violence to neighborhoods, traffic in drugs, destroy property, involve youth in crime, and drive out businesses.  Gangs pull teens away from school and home into a life of violence.

When Takoma Park Police officers come into contact with a juvenile who claims to be in a gang, the department sends a letter to parents, by certified, return receipt mail, notifying them of the contact so that they may discuss the circumstances with their child(ren).  Along with that letter is information to assist them in recognizing and preventing further gang involvement by their child(ren).  The information also provides a list of public and private non-profit agencies that specialize in intervention and counseling of active and potential gang members.

For more information, please contact Cathy Plevy at cathyp@takomaparkmd.gov.


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