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Suburban Deer Management


The City of Takoma Park has no animal control services regarding the City deer population. As such, we thought it best to provide some useful information for our City residents to access when they have questions or concerns regarding the deer population.

The Dept of Natural Resources website has several topics on Deer Management.

Please click here: Deer Management

More Resources:

Join us for a Presentation and Discussion on Suburban Deer Management

Date: Closed

Presented by:
George Timko, Deer Management Expert, MD DNR

Recorded Presentation can be viewed here: Deer Management Presentation 

The presentation lasted 30 minutes and concluded with a Q&A session. For questions, please contact:  Rick Baravechia at



Neighborhood Services covers the following Initiatives and Bans:

Filing a Code Complaint
Anti-Litter Initiative
Enforcement Process
Plastic Bag Ban
Plastic Straws and Stirrers Ban
Polystyrene Ban
Property Maintenance Code
Suburban Deer Management



Neighborhood Services: 301-891-7113


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