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Electrification and Energy Efficiency Grants

Electrify MC Pilot Program Coming to Takoma Park Residents

Electrify Mc is an electrification program for TkPk homeowners. This one-stop option to electrify their homes includes scheduling an energy audit, choosing improvements based on findings, and receiving direct incentives.

Electrify MC Flyer Download (English)

Electrify MC Flyer Download (Spanish)

Learn more and sign up for the Electrify MC program. 


Coming Soon!

Multifamily building Improvement Grant Launching January 2024. Stay tuned for more information!

Home Weatherization/ Solar Installation Program (LMI Target)

The Home Weatherization/ Solar Installation Program is a partnership with Edge Energy/Building Change Inc. to assist Low-to-Moderate Homeowners with weatherization repairs and electrification changes, including rooftop solar for those who qualify.

Learn more and sign up for the Home Weatherization/ Solar Installation program 

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