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Performing Arts Series

The Takoma Park Arts series offers a wide range of free performances at the Takoma Park Community Center, including concerts, theater, dance, and special events. Performers receive an honorarium to support their livelihoods and our broader arts community. Former performances may be viewed on our YouTube channel.

We aren’t seeking performance submissions at this time.

Callithump with Abe Joyner-Meyers

Wit’s End Puppets

What to Expect

Performances are held in the Takoma Park Community Center auditorium and are offered free to the public. Performances are typically held on Friday or Saturday evenings with Saturday matinees scheduled for younger audiences. Every effort is made to schedule one or two performances a month with the exception of July and August. Performances typically last 60 to 120 minutes and have included, to the extent possible, opportunities for the audience to participate or engage with the performers during the performance.

A $200 honorarium will be paid following the event to groups with one or two performers, $300 for three or four performers, and $400 for groups with five or more performers.

The Venue – Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium

The Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium is located at 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD.  The facility is Metro accessible via the Red Line Takoma Station and is served by the following bus lines: WMATA F4, F6 and RideOn 16, 17, 18, and 25. There is limited free parking available on site.

The auditorium has raked seating with a capacity of 160 with two aisles. It is ADA accessible and LEED-CI Silver Certified.

The floating wood stage is approximately 18 inches off the floor and is 30 feet wide and 19 feet deep at the center. Clearance from stage floor to the lowest set of lights is 12 feet. Two sets of two steps provide access to the stage from the audience. The stage can also be directly accessed from the back stage area. The backstage area includes a kitchenette and bathroom which can be used as a green room. A loading ramp and access doors to the rear of the building are located to the right of the stage.

The auditorium is equipped with state of the art lighting and sound system and includes a retractable 6’x11’ projection screen and two small screens on either side of the stage. Any additional or specialized equipment required for the event must be provided by the participant.

A black drape for the back of the stage is available upon request.

Blocking or restricting access to any designated fire exits is prohibited

Technical Support – Lighting and Sound

The City will provide technical support for the performance including a sound engineer/lighting technician. Tech support assignments are the sole responsibility of the City.

The use of a stage manager familiar with the performance is strongly encouraged. This is especially true for performances with complicated lighting or sound cues.

Video Recording and Photographic Images

The City reserves the right to record the performance and, without limits or additional compensation, to broadcast, cablecast or in any other way display a video or photographic record of the event, including the use of social media outlets such as You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Broadcasting and Online Viewing

The performance may be broadcast live on CityTV (Comcast Channel 13 / Verizon Channel 28), web streamed on the  City’s web site, and viewed on YouTube.

Promotion and Marketing

The City promotes all events on a variety of online and social media outlets: the City of Takoma Park website, CityTV, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, the We Are Takoma e-newsletter and various cultural arts calendars. Additional promotion efforts may include the distribution of fliers and publication of announcements in the Takoma Park Newsletter and the City Guide. Performers are expected to assist in the promotion of the performance by providing and authorizing the use of requested copy, images and available video clips.

Promotional materials developed by participants should include a statement that the event is sponsored by the City of Takoma Park’s We Are Takoma series.

Ticket Sales and Reserved Seating

Advance ticket sales or reserved seating is strictly prohibited.

Sale of Merchandise

Merchandise may be sold before or after the performance, but all sales will be handled solely by the performers.  A table needed to display any merchandise will be provided upon request.

The City assumes no responsibility for the display, storage or safekeeping of any merchandise or the collection of any sale proceeds.

Audience Donations

All performances are free to the public. A donation box with a $10 suggested donation sign will be placed at the door during the performance with all proceeds going to the performers after the event. Individuals electing not to make a donation cannot be refused entrance.


Performers may hold, but are not required, to host a reception in conjunction with their performance. Receptions are held in the Atrium Gallery, located at the entrance to the auditorium. The preparation, consumption or distribution of food or beverages is not permitted in the auditorium.

Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages

A reception may be held before or after the event. If a reception is held, the performer is responsible for providing all food, beverages, service ware, and napkins. The use of any polystyrene-composed food packaging or service ware is prohibited. All food and beverages, containers, and utensils must be disposed of in the proper receptacles. Recyclable materials must be sorted and deposited in the appropriate containers.  Tables and chairs will be provided upon request.

The City assumes no legal or financial responsibility or liability for the storage, sale, or distribution of any food or beverage.

Alcoholic Beverages – Wine and Beer

The sale, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages (wine and beer only) at the reception may be permitted at the discretion of the City. Alcohol is only permitted for receptions held in conjunction with We Are Takoma events on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings.

A Class C One Day Special License from the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control and written authorization from the City are required to serve wine or beer at the reception. The approved license, a copy of the completed application form, and the alcohol plan, if required for the License, must be provided to the City a minimum of ten business days prior to the planned reception.

Information on Montgomery County’s alcoholic beverage licensing requirements and application process is available online.

All wine and beer containers must be disposed or recycled in the proper containers.

Cancellation or Rescheduling of Event

The City may cancel or reschedule the performance in the event of inclement weather requiring the closure of the facility, use of the venue by the Takoma Park City Council, or other cause, as determined by the City in its reasonable discretion.


No liability, workers’ compensation or other insurance coverage is provided by the City to, or for the participant, or any of its employees, volunteers or agents.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact We Are Takoma at (301) 891-7119 or at arts@takomaparkmd.gov

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