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New Hampshire Avenue Initiative

“The New Ave” is the City’s initiative to encourage public and private investment along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor and to promote the creation of a welcoming regional destination for international goods and services. This is achieved by fostering the development of economically viable commercial centers, thriving small businesses, and diverse neighborhoods offering a wide range of commercial and housing options.

To learn more about the exciting business and development opportunities available along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor — and to find out about some great restaurants and places to shop — check out The New Ave, join us on Facebook or sign up for periodic email announcements.

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Projects on the New Ave

Here is a sampling of the many City-led projects that make up the  New Hampshire Avenue Initiative:

Ethan Allen Gateway Streetscape

The Ethan Allen Gateway Streetscape Project is designed to create an attractive streetscape for local residents and shoppers at this important intersection on  New Hampshire Avenue. The recently completed project employs Complete Streets principles, promoting walking, biking, and public transportation, while adding green space and improving water quality with stormwater management facilities.

About the New Ave Bikeway

The goal of this project is to creatively redesign the underutilized service lanes on the southbound side on New Hampshire Avenue as a two-directional bikeway, while maintaining vehicular access to properties.

Crossroads Farmers Market

The Crossroads Farmers Market, a producers-only market nationally recognized as a pioneer in bringing fresh produce to low-income families, was established with City support in 2007. Participating vendors grow and/or process their own goods within a 125-mile radius of Takoma Park.

New Ave Placemaking

A variety of colorful benches, seats, rocking chairs, and trash and recycling containers are installed at prominent locations along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor.  Green improvements have been made to the Holton Lane Gateway area. Murals celebrate the culture and identity of the New Ave, as do grant-supported performances and events.

The New Ave Website

A hub of information, provides a business directory for the 500+ restaurants, retail establishments, and professional services located in the New Ave corridor. The website highlights properties for revitalization and redevelopment while providing updates about ongoing infrastructure projects, community grants, small business resources, and local events.

Plans for the New Ave

New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Economic Development Potential

In November 2016, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, The Secretary’s Office of Office of Planning and Capital Programming, the Maryland Department of Planning and the Maryland Department of Commerce presented a report on New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Economic Development Potential.   The report includes:
• An estimate of the potential tax revenue to the State of Maryland and the potential increase in the number of jobs that would result from property redevelopment in the New Hampshire Avenue Corridor under current county zoning and sector plans, and the City of Takoma Park’s New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan if MD 650 right-of-way improvements are made as envisioned in the plans;
• A review of the cost of road, stormwater, and utility infrastructure needs within the MD 650 right-of-way to facilitate the redevelopment envisioned by the plans, including construction of the multi-way boulevard; and
• The status of planning for bus rapid transit in the corridor and its coordination with plans for the Purple Line light rail development.

New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan

The New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan (PDF) establishes a framework for the revitalization and redevelopment of New Hampshire Avenue, south of Sligo Creek. The plan includes detailed phasing and implementation steps for a variety of initiatives including the reconstruction of New Hampshire Avenue as a multi-way boulevard with a pedestrian and bike friendly design and mixed use infill projects.

Takoma Langley Crossroads Sector Plans

A comprehensive planning effort undertaken by both Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties to prepare for the Purple Line and to facilitate transit oriented development around the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and University Boulevard, the plans include proposed zoning changes, design guidelines, and transportation improvements supported by the community.

The Montgomery County Takoma Langley Crossroads Sector Plan includes most of Takoma Park’s Ward 6, bounded by Carroll Avenue, Long Branch Stream Valley Park, University Boulevard, and the City’s eastern boundary with Prince George’s County.

The Prince George’s County Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan area includes Langley Park, which is north of University Boulevard and east of the Takoma Park City boundary.

In May 2015, City Council heard a presentation on the Sector Plan area (PDF), with a focus on the plans, standards, and guidelines used to evaluate development proposals and guide projects in the Takoma/Langley Crossroads area.

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