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As a result of increased demand for wireless broadband service and developments in wireless communications technology, cellular service providers have begun installing small short-range antennas as part of their network. While the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance regulates the installation of antennas on private property in the City, the City can regulate installations in City rights-of-way.

Federal law requires that local governments allow the installation of small antennas and related equipment in their rights-of-way and limits their authority to regulate the installations and the fees they may charge for installation permit applications, for use of the right of way, and for attachment to government-owned poles.

The City Council enacted legislation to regulate some aspects of cell tower installation within the right of way including location, placement, aesthetics, notification process, and fees. Montgomery County zoning codes govern where wireless telecommunication facilities can be sited on private property and governs setbacks from dwellings. The Ordinance and Regulations can be found in the Links section below.


Registered Small Cell Antennas

Date receivedDate certified completeLocationPublic Meeting time/date/locationInitial RF / Annual RFApplication Documents
2023-02-012023-02-231006 Larch AvenueTBDTBDApplication

Proposed Location

FCC RF Compliance Assessment and Report

Structural Analysis Report

Construction Drawings

Heat map

Technical Description

PEPCO Notice to Proceed

Proof of Insurance

Assertion of Shot Clock
2019-07-1609/10/19902 Merrimac Drive7:30 pm, September 30th, 7500 Maple Avenue, AuditoriumTBDApplication

FCC RF Compliance Assessment and Report

2022 RF Compliance Report

Structural Analysis Report

Construction Drawings

Heat map showing current use volume

902 Merrimac Permit
Future PlannedFuture PlannedTwo year look aheadNANACrown Castle Proposed Site List

Crown Castle Proposed Site Map

Small Cell Antennas in the City's Rights-of-Way Sections