Street Resurfacing

About Street Resurfacing

The City Council allocates funding in the capital budget for street restoration. In 2004, the Council established a goal to maintain City streets in fair or better condition and establish a resurfacing frequency of, on average, 20 years. The projected cost of that 20-year cycle is $500,000 annually.

Each year the City Engineer identifies the streets to be resurfaced. The list is developed based on a pavement condition evaluation. In addition to the pavement condition rating, planned utility work or other conflicting projects are also taken into account when determining which roads to resurface.

When a street is resurfaced any defective curb and gutter, sidewalk or driveway aprons are replaced as well. Residents are provided with a notice at least three days prior to the start of the work. “No Parking” signs are posted in advance. Once the concrete repairs are completed the road surface is milled – the top 2 inches of old asphalt is removed with a milling machine. The asphalt millings are taken to an offsite location to be recycled. The new asphalt surface is laid down usually within a few days to a week of the milling. Typically traffic is restricted on the street during the milling and paving. The work normally takes place between 7:30 am and 5 pm. The road is re-opened once the work is completed.

Typically new speed humps are replaced after the road is resurfaced. In some cases, existing speed humps in good condition are left in place.

The last step in the process is adding any roadway markings, like stop bars, lane edges or crosswalks. This work must be done in dry weather.

 Current Project Status

Street Name From To
Aspen Ave. (7400 Block) Aspen Ct Dead End
Aspen Ct Dead End Aspen Ave.
Cedar Ave. (7100-7400) City Line Old Philadelphia Ave.
Circle Ave. Cockerille Ave. Dead End
Columbia Ave. Hickory Ave. Poplar Ave.
Crescent Pl Park Ave. Holt Pl.
Devonshire Rd. New Hampshire Service Road Glaizewood Ave.
Elm Ave. (200 Block) Hickory Ave. Poplar Ave.
Erie Ave. Flower Ave. Maple Ave.
Fenton Street Albany Ave. Takoma Ave.
Geneva Ave. Hill Top Rd. Ritchie Ave.
Grant Ave. Maple Ave. Dead End
Greenwood Ave. Carroll Ave. City Boundary
Kentland Ave. Hopewell Ave. Dead End
Montgomery Ave. Pine Ave. Hickory Ave.
Poplar Ave. (6600 Block) Circle Ave. 4th Ave.
Winding Hill Way Winding Hill Way Flower Ave.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Ali Khalilian
City Engineer
Phone: 301-891-7620

Street Resurfacing  Details

Project Info & Timeline

  • Target completion date: Each year, the council authorizes funding and streets are scheduled for resurfacing based on condition.
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Lead
  • Departments involved: Public Works

Budget & Funding Source

Budget: FY17 $500,000
Funding Source: Capital Budget

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