City Offices and Facilities Closed Sunday May 26 & May 27- In Observance of Memorial Day

City Offices and Facilities will be closed Sunday, May 26, and Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day. As always, the Takoma Park Police Department is open for emergency services. We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

Library Renovations: Updated: May 14, 2024 -TKPK Celebrates a Major Construction Milestone With a Structural Steel Topping-off Ceremony on May 21 from 3-3:30 pm

The scheduling of demolition and construction timelines are pending weather.

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NDC – TPSS Co-op

The Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot is to be redeveloped to revitalize the commercial area. Takoma Park City Council selected Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) as the developer for the project.

NDC and TPSS Co-op reach Agreement on Reasonable Accommodations, October 2018

NDC and the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op (TPSS Co-op) issued a joint statement on October 16, 2018 announcing that they have reached agreement on a set of reasonable accommodations for TPSS operations before, during and after the construction of the Takoma Junction redevelopment project. The AnnouncementTerms of Cooperation Agreement” (Term Sheet) and Full Cooperation Agreement are available on the City’s website.

Parking Lot Sublease Agreement, September 2018

Agreement has been reached between NDC, the City’s development partner, and the TPSS Co-op regarding a sub-lease of the parking lot at Takoma Junction. Per the agreement, the Co-op assumed operational control of the parking lot when the Ground Lease between the City and NDC commenced on September 1, 2018. The lot remains available to the public for parking at no charge during the term of the sub-lease, which is expected to last until construction commences.

NDC and TPSS Co-op Mediation, 2018

On May 24, 2018, the City Council, recognizing the complexity of matters relating to the operation of the TPSS Co-op, offered to provide funding in an amount not to exceed $5,000 to allow for a facilitated discussion between NDC and the TPSS Co-op. The Council viewed this as an opportunity for the parties to identify solutions for the TPSS Co-op’s operational concerns and to reach agreement on how to ensure continuity of its operations during construction. Both NDC and TPSS Co-op agreed to mediate in good faith and to reach agreement on how to equitably address these matters in a timely manner. Members of the Council and City staff  served, at the request of the TPSS Co-op, as observers during the mediation. Mediation sessions are private and confidential. The City Council’s expectations regarding the mediation process were detailed in Mayor Kate Stewart’s May 24, 2018 letter to NDC and the TPSS Co-op Board.

Mediation discussions began in late June, facilitated by Dan Dozier, a dispute resolution attorney with the firm of Press, Dizier & Hamelburg, LLC, and were successfully concluded in early October.

NDC and TPSS Co-op Discussions on a Letter of Intent
2016 – 2017

The Takoma Junction Development Agreement (Section 4) included a list of actions that must be undertaken within a specified timeframe. One action was the submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI), executed by NDC and the TPSS Co-op. An LOI is a non-binding agreement that establishes the terms and conditions of a future lease arrangement between a landlord (NDC) and a tenant (Co-op). The LOI was not signed by the deadline and Council authorized NDC to seek a new anchor tenant on January 11, 2017.

The reports submitted by NDC detailing the status of their negotiations with the Co-op regarding the required LOI are posted below. The City is not a party to these negotiations.

Takoma Junction Redevelopment Sections