Published on: Sunday, January 31, 2021 City Manager & Staff Blog

City Manager Update on Snow Conditions!


Dear Residents,

Snow began falling early this morning and there might be about 2 inches at this time. Our first shift of slow plow drivers arrived by 6 am and began treating roads.

So far, there have been no significant problems. Some of the roads are slippery and, if you must be out and about, it is best to stick to the main roads. It is better to stay home if you can.

We are not sure exactly what the weather will be overnight. Temperatures are supposed to warm some, and so there may be rain, freezing rain or sleet. Then, temperatures go down again in the morning and there may be a bit more snow tomorrow.

It is best to keep up with snow shoveling if you are able. The snow that is walked on can harden into ice and be difficult to remove when the storm is over. After shoveling, use sand or ice melt on places that may be slippery – do not use rock salt.

On Monday, we will not be having yard waste collection, Library books-to-go or book delivery. It will be a day to clean up from the storm, make sure all sidewalks are safe to walk on and get back to whatever normalcy we can have in a pandemic! Clean sidewalks are always important, but being able to walk safely outside is one of our few ways to exercise while keeping a safe distance from others.

We do not yet know what impacts there may be on Tuesday operations, including trash and recycling collection. The weather guides when our staff is out clearing roads and sidewalks, and that can affect other work. We’ll keep on top of it and let you know when we know.

I have seen beautiful photos of the snow around our neighborhoods, and cute videos of dogs happily playing in the snow. I know kids are trying out sleds and making snowpeople and snowballs. I hope all can enjoy this day outside or through windows from a warm place.

But, please call our Police Department at 301-270-1100 if you see dangerous conditions, such as a slippery street, so that our Public Works crews can address it. And, if you see an emergency situation, call 9-1-1.