Published on: Wednesday, May 29, 2024 News Alert

City TV wins 2024 Hometown Media Award from the Alliance for Community Media Foundation

Takoma Park City TV took home the Overall Excellence in Governmental Access and Outstanding Children’s Programming Awards

The Hometown Media Awards, organized annually by the Alliance for Community Media (ACM), celebrate and promote community media, community radio, and local cable programs distributed on Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access cable television channels.

We are thrilled to announce that CityTV has been awarded first place in the 2024 Hometown Media Awards Competition. CityTV received the prestigious “Overall Excellence in Governmental Access” award from ACM in the $300,000 – $650,000 budget division. This award recognizes the outstanding operational activities and programming efforts of access organizations. This year, CityTV’s submission featured over 20 projects and programs.

The Hometown Media Awards honor and promote creative programs that address community needs, foster diverse community involvement, and reflect the lives of residents from various backgrounds. These awards also aim to offer viewers a unique television experience.

“We produce programs that represent the events and activities of the City, showcasing the character of Takoma Park. We are not just Takoma Park Television; we are Takoma Park on Television,” said Alvaro Calabia, CityTV Production Manager.

In addition to the Overall Excellence award, CityTV was recognized for its outstanding Children’s Programming with our submission of the Takoma Park Children’s Business Fair. We are so honored to be recognized in this category as we love to showcase our children as a vital resource of our community.