Published on: Saturday, January 30, 2021 News Alert

Note from City Manager on Pending Winter Storm


Dear Residents,

As the region prepares for a winter storm to arrive overnight tonight, the City of Takoma Park staff are getting things ready to clear snow and share information.

As of right now, here’s the plan.

We are watching the forecasts to determine when crews will be called in overnight. A road clearing shift includes five trucks and drivers, a mechanic, and two other staff to handle other equipment. We generally schedule 12 hours shifts but we will keep a watch on what is needed and adjust as necessary.

The same people who collect trash, recycling and yard waste, and do road repair and park maintenance are the staff who drive the snowplows and clear sidewalks at City facilities. For that reason, there may be changes in collection schedules.

Snow looks to continue through Sunday and perhaps into Monday. For that reason, there will be no yard waste collection on Monday.

With Sunday being a snowy, difficult day to travel, check today to make sure you have what you need to stay at home, and please check on any elderly neighbors or others who may need extra help.

As the winter weather comes in, call our Police Department at 301-270-1100 if you see dangerous conditions, such as a slippery street, so that our Public Works crews can address it. If you see an emergency situation, though, call 9-1-1.

As soon as it is safe to do so, please begin shoveling sidewalks so that people can get to stores, the doctor’s office or pick up food from a neighborhood restaurant. Our City regulations call for clearing snow by noon if the snow has stopped falling overnight, or by 9 pm if it stops falling during the day.

Please help neighbors with clearing sidewalks and driveways. Some will be helped through the Snow Angel program, but some young people may be in a remote school on Monday and not be as able to help.

Some of the friendliest times in a community are when lots of folks are out shoveling, clearing off cars and playing in the snow. Make a party of it!

How should you stay connected for information during the next few days?

Keeping up to date on the information will help keep you safe.

One of my greatest pleasures is to work with City staff when responding to weather emergencies. Our Public Works staff know how to prepare, which streets become slippery first, where the speed humps and bump outs are, and how to fix the equipment on the spot when repairs are needed. Our communications and emergency management staff have messages prepared,  as well as safety tips and background information. Our police staff knows how to coordinate on calls for service. And, our Public Works Director, Daryl Braithwaite, knows her stuff. We’ve got this.

Stay safe!