Published on: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 News Alert

Plastic Straw And Stirrer Ban



Since the 1970s, plastic straws and stirrers have reigned supreme. In fact, Americans go through 500 million a day.  However, these plastic straws and stirrers are not recyclable and end up in our oceans, causing pollution and harming wildlife. These straws and stirrers account for about 4 percent of the plastic pollution found in oceans by volume but less than 1 percent by weight, and plastic never decomposes, as it uses UV rays to break down into smaller pieces, never disappearing entirely.

In an attempt to address this environmental issue, the City of Takoma Park decided to ban plastic straws and stirrers. City staff began monitoring compliance with this law commencing January 1, 2020 and shall issue notices for violations occurring between January 1, 2020, and June 30, 2020. City staff may issue infraction citations for violations commencing July 1, 2020.

This isn’t the first environment-centered product restriction law established by Takoma Park. We have enacted a Plastic Bag Ban, a Polystyrene Ban, and the Safe Grow Law.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely eliminate plastic straws from the City. If retail establishments, other institutions, the City, vendors at City-sponsored events, or persons using City facilities for private events provide non-plastic straws, they shall maintain a reasonable stock of flexible, disposable plastic beverage straws for customers, patrons, or participants for whom straws made of non-plastic materials are unsuitable and who request plastic beverage straws.

Information about the Plastic Straw and Stirrer Ban can be found on the City of Takoma Park website:

Read the full Plastic Straw and Stirrer Ban Ordinance: